Wednesday, January 2, 2019

My Collection Goals For 2018

I've settled into a collection that I am very content with.  The goals are mostly the same (just one new one) and meeting them is not too difficult.

GOAL #1: Add my usual Cubs team sets as they are released: Topps flagship, Heritage, Opening Day, Factory Team set, Bowman, Allen and Ginter, Chrome, Gypsy Queen, Archives, Update and whatever else comes along.

GOAL #2: Add the complete sets of the flagship, update, and Allen and Ginter. I've got a flagship run starting with 1969 and the complete run of Traded / Update and Allen and Ginter. I see no reason to stop.

GOAL #3: Add any autograph and relic cards for Cubs players that haven't previously had one. I'm done with players from previous seasons, so now its just a matter of adding new guys as cards are issued.

GOAL #4: Continue adding to the player collections of Darwin Barney, Ernie Banks, Andre Dawson, Ryne Sandberg, and Billy Williams.

GOAL #5: Add odd-ball sets and sets of smaller brands that I missed earlier.  I've been having fun with this one and hope to add several more of the smaller sets.

GOAL #6: Write something about the collection every day, though if I take a day or two off, that is OK.

GOAL #7: Enjoy working on goals 1-7. I'm in trouble when I can't meet this goal.


  1. Man I wish my collection looked as organized as yours. Awesome job!

  2. I love seeing this set up. Like Mr. Miller... I want my collection to look as organized as this. Simply beautiful. Happy New Year!

  3. As always I am envious of your organization skills.

  4. Glad to see other collectors that lay their binders down flat versus standing them up.