Saturday, January 5, 2019

Another Trade!

I should have included making more trades in my yearly goals because I'm on a record setting pace.  Well, a record setting pace for me, not most of the other bloggers.

This was another SCD extra cards trade.  My partner was David, the blogger at From a 1980s Baseball Card Collector.  He got the Andy Van Slyke card and I got a stack!

Some OPC...

Some stickers...

...a Hall of Fame battery...

.. big and little Donruss cards (the Sandberg is a Cracker Jack mini) ...


...a couple flash in the pan rookies from the late '80s...


... and two box panel cards.

An awesome eclectic stack of cards... thanks David!


  1. Is O-Pee-Chee finally something for you to track down this year?

    1. It's the prices for the early OPC cards that keep holding me back. I have a hard time paying so much for cards that look like the Topps cards I already have. But, some day.

    2. I've tried to pick up most of the ones from outgoing and incoming guys that say "Now with..." so they are at least a little different. As with you, eventually I'll try to track the others down.

  2. Box bottom cards are awesome! Love that Maddux For The Record insert too.