Thursday, January 3, 2019

A Couple Final Things With the 1996 Cubs Convention Set

I'll be wrapping things up today with the 1996 Cubs Convention set.

First, when I showed the media cards, I mentioned that radio play-by-play man Pat Hughes had been hired over the offseason.  He didn't have a card in the set though the other broadcasters did.

Pat has gone on to have a great career in the Cubs booth.  He'll be starting his 23rd year in the spring and recently signed a contract extension for several more years.  By the time his career is over, he will be the longest running radio voice in Cubs history.

It was a shame that the new guy was snubbed in the convention set, so I decided to take care of Pat.

The picture I used is from the 1996 media guide.  This is what he looked like when he was hired.

My last item with the set concerns it's listing in the Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards.

While many collectors consider the catalog to be the bible of baseball cards, there is one big difference - The Bible is infallible, while the catalog is not.

The listing for the 1996 set shows 24 cards.  There are actually 28 cards in the set.  The catalog does not show the cards for...



....Mark Grace, Andy Pafko, Ryne Sandberg, and Steve Stone.

I'm pretty sure that the catalogue is no longer updated.  The only catalogue they produce now is for vintage cards.  So I guess this mistake will never be corrected.


  1. I like your mock-up of the Pat Hughes card.
    I received my first autograph from Mr. Hughes at last year's Cubs Convention. I didn't have a card, so I had him sign one of his broadcasting CDs. Actually seems more appropriate than a piece of cardboard in this case!

  2. Nice custom of Hughes! Love this set.