Monday, January 7, 2019

2019 Cubs Calendar

I have a calendar hanging in the Wrigley Wax World Headquarters.  Of course it is a Cubs calendar and it has been for years.

I get the calendar put out by Turner Licensing.  Turner has an early deadline for deciding which twelve players are included.  Several years ago the calendar was a real joke.  The Cubs were in full rebuild mode and many of the players shown were no longer with the team.

The worst was the 2013 version.  By December of that year, only two of the twelve were still with the Cubs.  There was some serious turnover happening.  Things have improved since then.  The past two years had just one player off the roster, in 2017 it was David Ross and Jake Arrieta was on the 2018 calendar.






The 2019 version has even bested them and it is a perfect twelve for twelve.  Everyone shown is still with the team!

Things may change as the winter progresses.  Addison Russell and his domestic situation leave him vulnerable.  Jason Heyward may be moved once the Cubs sign Bryce Harper (I can dream, can't I!!). The rest are pretty locked in.

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