Saturday, January 17, 2009

Adios, Hank White (with love from Upper Deck!!)

Last weekend I started slaying my three headed monster. Some of the results started arriving in the mail. Today I received several Cubs team sets including the Upper Deck 2007 set, a whopper with 41 cards!

Yesterday I was bemoaning the fact that Topps had never issued a card of Henry Blanco during his four years with the Cubs. But when going through the 41 2007 Upper Deck cards, who should I find but our friend Hank White. Upper Deck shows him some love.

Now I can give Henry Blanco a proper send off. Adios, amigo!


  1. You can actually find two versions of a 2008 Topps Henry Blanco, but neither is a pack pull. One comes from the Cubs "Team Edition" factory set. Blanco is one of the 5 exclusive Cubs cards. The other version (different photo) comes from the Cubs 55 card boxed "Gift team set". Both cards are in the standard 2008 Topps style.

  2. Thanks, and duh!! I have both of those cards! I put only the base and update set cards in my team set folders and completely forgot about the others. Thanks for the reminder.