Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2010 Topps Inserts

Wow, there sure seem like a lot of these. Back in the day, there were deckle edges or coins or comics in a few of the series, but otherwise, that was it. And back in the day, nobody really cared about the inserts. The cards were the main attraction. The only hits you worried about were hits by your favorite team's batters.

But times have changed and that's ok. I don't want to come off sounding like an old curmudgeon.

I was in the hunt for any Cub-related inserts.

The Cards Your Mother Threw Out included two...

1954 Ernie Banks, which is my white whale. If your mom threw this one out, you should be really ticked at her!

1983 Ryne Sandberg...notice he is listed as a third baseman, the position he played as a rookie in 1982.

Peak Performance had just one Cub in the regular card set.

Alfonso Soriano

There are also four Cubs jersey cards. I've got three of them and the fourth is on the way. I'll post all four when I've got them.

Turkey Red had three Cubs.

Ernie Banks

Ryne Sandberg. The Cubs have a pretty long history and a long list of hall of fame players, yet in Topps' eyes, it just seems to be these two, Sandberg and Banks.

Derrek Lee, who wasn't included in last year's Turkey Red, got his due this year.

Tales of the Game...want to guess which Cub Topps decided to include in this one?

Yup, Ernie Banks, again! Don't get me wrong, I love Ernie. But enough of him already! How about some Billy, Fergie, or Ron?

History of the Game...First MLB game played in Japan.

I got this card because the Cubs played the Mets in the first MLB game in Japan. And they won, too!

Legendary Lineage, When They Were Young, Million Card Giveaway, Target Red Backs and Walmart Blue Backs don't have any Cubs. What, no more Ernie Banks?


  1. The original checklist for 2010 Topps series 1 had a Tales of the Game card with the Billy Goat. It got pulled and replaced with a Jimmy Piersall card. Last year's UD set was supposed to have an "end to the Curse" card in their predictors set. I assume the Cubs nixed both of those before the set went to print, as both sets pulled the cards before production.

  2. There are some really awesome cards here :)