Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Topps 2010 Cubs!

Sorry, but the post I had ready on the 1960 Cubs will have to wait until tomorrow. The mailman brought me some goodies yesterday, so I'm going to zip ahead 50 years to 2010.

My Topps 2010 Series One Cubs team set arrived yesterday! I had bought it a couple weeks ago on ebay. It was a presale and it set me back all of $1.25. The seller said he'd have things ready to ship by the 27th and it looks like he was right on target.

These are the first 2010 cards I've seen personally. I've been looking at all the cards the rest of you have posted, but the nearest Target is nearly an hour away. So I was willing to wait for my Cubs to arrive.

I'm fine with the design of the card. But honestly, it doesn't that much to me. I'm a Topps set collector and I'm going to buy the cards no matter what. Good or bad, they're still baseball cards and I want them for my collection.

There are eleven Cubs cards in Series One. Three of the eleven (Bradley, Gregg, and Harden) are no longer on the team. Two big pitchers, Dempster and Lilly, are included, along with one of the big sticks, Derrek Lee. Some of the stars I'll have to wait for in Series Two are Carlos Zambrano, Aramis Ramirez, Alfonso Soriano, and Kosuke Fukudome.

There is also a Cub player among the legend SPs, Ryne Sandberg. Naturally, I had to buy that cards too. It cost more than the team set, in fact it was several times the cost of the team set. But I needed it to have a complete set, so I grabbed one and it came in the mail yesterday, too.

A couple things about the Sandberg. First, the Cubs team name is missing, and replaced with a red C. It looks like that was done on all the variation cards, replacing the team name with a logo. The other thing about the Sandberg card is when the photo was taken.

If you look on his shoulder you see this.

It's not a very clear picture, but the patch is this one, was worn by the Cubs during the 1984 NLCS. And since Ryne is in a road uniform, that means this is from the three games the Cubs lost in San Diego. After winning games 1 and 2 at Wrigley, all the Cubs had to do is win one of three on the road to go to the World Series. And being the Cubs, they got swept and sent home. Thank you Topps for the painful reminder.

Here are the eleven Cubs.

Cubs Team Card

Utility infielder and fake Mark DeRosa, Jeff Baker

Milton (Don't Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out) Bradley

Rookie Tyler Colvin, who had a brief September call-up.

Ryan Dempster, in a big follow-through.

Kevin Gregg, good riddance.

Rich Harden, gone, but in a shot you don't often seen, in the bullpen warming up.

Derrek Lee, following the flight of the ball, hopefully on its way to Waveland Avenue.

Ted Lilly, on the road somewhere.

Jeff Samardzija, at Wrigley

Ryan Theriot, making the play on Jimmy Rollins. Since the Phillies are wearing their day game alternates, this picture was taken on Wednesday, July 22. Rollins reached base only once, on a first inning walk, and was caught stealing....which we see in the picture.


  1. "Rich Harden, in a shot you don't see often, physically able to throw a baseball." Zing!

  2. I'm certainly not going to miss any of the guys that are gone.

  3. Only a true fan would be able to analyze a card all the way down to the exact time frame a photo was taken. I am impressed. Good form.

  4. Check out the photo on the back of the Randy Wells card. Whoops!