Thursday, February 25, 2010

Reviewing From Decades Past: 1990 - The Bench

This is the first decade I've looked at that was a part of the Topps Traded era. That means that there will be lots of bench players' cards to look at and only one where I've got to show a players' card from another team.

Damon Berryhill was injured in September, 1989 and spent most of 1990 rehabbing. He played in only 17 games at the end of the season and hit .189

Doug Dascenco got plenty of play time with Jerome Walton getting hurt and Dwight Smith slumping. But the highlight was a pitching appearance he made on June 12, a scoreless one inning stint. I've got more about that here.

Vance Law was played on waivers in January, 1990, so he could go play in Japan.

Lloyd McClendon played in 49 games and hit a paltry .149. On September 7 he was traded to the Pirates, beginning his association with the Bucs that would eventually lead to his becoming the team's manager in 2001.

Domingo Ramos was one of three who played third base. In 98 games he hit .265 but drove in only 17 runs.

Mitch Webster was traded to the Indians on November 20, 1989 for outfielder Dave Clark

Curt WIlkerson was the third player to try to become the regular third baseman. Hitting only .220 kept him irregular. He was left go as a free agent after the season.

Rick Wrona saw action in 16 games behind the plate in the early part of the season, but was sent back to AAA in May with a .172 average.

Marvell Wynne was a Chicago native who joined the team at the tail end of 1989. He played in 89 games in 1990 but hit a low .204. After the season, he was given his release so he could play in Japan. Old Cubs don't fade away, they go to Japan!

Earl Cunningham #1 pick was a #1 flop, never making it to the majors. In fact, he never even made it to AA.

Hector Villanueva was another catcher trying to fill in for Damon Berryhill. The one thing I remember most about him was hearing Harry Caray butcher his last name.

Greg Smith, another infielder who stunk.

Dave Clark came to the Cubs over the winter, but wasn't included in the Traded set. He hit .275 in 84 games.

Two others played for the team but had no Topps card:
Derrek May, played in 17 games
Gary Varsho, played in 46 games

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