Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Presidents Day...Part 2

Continuing with our look at shared birthdays between presidents and Cubs.

April through June

April 13 - President Thomas Jefferson and Cub John of the greatest presidents and a completely unknown catcher

April 23 - President James Buchanan and Cub Dolph card, just a photo

April 27 - President Ulysses S. Grant and Cub Rogers Hornsby

April 28 - President James Monroe and Cub Luis Quinones

May 8 - President Harry Truman is our first Cub-free president....after that embarrassing Tribune headline, the Tribune-owned Cubs wanted nothing to do with Harry

May 29 - President John F. Kennedy and Cub Jerry Hairston....and another non Cub....

....John Kennedy. How weird is it that they share the same name and the same birthday, though the ballplayer was born 24 years after the president.

June 12 - President George H. W. Bush and Cub Damon Buford...the son of a big leaguer was born of the birthday of the father of a president

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