Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Presidents Day

Today is Presidents Day, which means no mail delivery..... and no new cards. To help you suffer through a day of no bubble envelopes, I've got a bunch of cards for you.

There have been 42 unique birthdays among the 43 American presidents. I went through and tried to find Cubs players that shared a birthday with a president. I found a match for 37 of the 42 birth dates.

Throughout the day, I'll post a quarter of a years worth until we get all 37 shown. Several of the birthdays had more than one Cub to pick from. In those cases, I tried to get a more obscure player, to give you the chance to see a card you may have not seen before.

Let's get started with January through March

January 7 - President Millard Fillmore and Cub Alfonso Soriano...ok, so he's not so obscure.

January 9 - President Richard Nixon and Cub Joe Wallis....but Tarzan Joe Wallis is!

January 29 - President William McKinley and Cub Jim Tyrone...Jim who?...and who is that Griffey guy?

January 30 - President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Cub Davey most of you didn't know he ended his career with the Cubs

February 6 - President Ronald Reagan and Cub Dale Long

February 9 - President William Henry Harrison and Cub Heinie Zimmerman...I'm glad I got to show you my Heinie!

February 12 - President Abraham Lincoln and Cub Jeff Pico

February 22 - President George Washington and Cub Eric Yelding (and a thousand bonus points to anyone who can name the set this card came from)

March 15 - President Andrew Jackson and Cub Bobby of the ugliest cards of all time

March 16 - President James Madison and Cub Hee Seop Choi

March 18 - President Grover Cleveland and Cub Dick Littlefield

March 29 - President John Tyler and Cub Karl Pagel

Stay tuned for the next three months in a couple hours.


  1. Cool idea for a post. I wish I thought of it.

    On that it some kind of Cubs issued team set. Considering when he played, I would say probably 1993 or 1994?

  2. Nicely played...the Yelding is from the 1993 team issued set, passed out at Wrigley Field on July 28, 1993

  3. I'm pretty sure my wife has the Mark Grace one in her collection. I knew I had seen it before.