Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Presidents Day...Part 3

Moving right along....

July through September

July 4 - President Calvin Coolidge and Cub Chuck Tanner...much more famous as a manager than as a player

July 6 - President George W. Bush and Cub Lance Johnson...more well known for his time on the south side than on the north side

July 11 - President John Quincy Adams....Cubless

July 14 - President Gerald Ford and Cub Steve Stone

August 4 - President Barack Obama and Cub Rich Nye

August 10 - President Herbert Hoover, also without a Cub

August 19 - President Bill Clinton and Cub Tim Blackwell

August 20 - President Benjamin Harrison and Cub Kal Daniels

August 27 - President Lyndon Johnson and Cub Brian McRae

September 15 - President William Howard Taft and Cub Charley Smith

We'll finish up with the last three months later this evening.

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