Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Pats Day

I thought there would be a lot more of these, but in all of my Cubs cards, there were only four players named Pat, and not one was listed on the card as Patrick. And none of the four did anything of any worth with the Cubs either.

Oh, well. I guess the south side is the more Irish part of Chicago, anyway.

So here are four Cubs Pats for St. Patrick's Day

Pat Bourque

Pat Cline

Pat Perry

Pat Tabler

Since none of these amounted to much with the Cubs, so let me show you another Cubs Pat, and he's my favorite.

Radio play by play man, Pat Hughes. Pat does a great job of describing the game, is enthusiastic, and he puts up with (or humors) Ron Santo the way a family tolerates that weird uncle....he's family, you love him, but you also roll your eyes over some of the things he says or does.

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