Friday, March 5, 2010

Reviewing From Decades Past: 2000 The Bench

This won't be easy. After what would be considered the starting eight, the Cubs used another 19 position players. Topps issued cards for a grand total of one of the 19. Three more did show up in the prospect cards. So, to make this post halfway decent, I'm also going to use cards from some of the other brands.

I'll start with the players who had Topps cards:

Shane Andrews who was one of the three lousy players at third base. He hit .229 in 66 games

Julio Zuleta played in 30 games and hit .294

Roosevelt Brown hit an eyepopping .352 as a rookie. It would be almost 100 points higher than any other average in his career.

Corey Patterson made his MLB debut in 2000 and hit .167 in 11 games.

These guys had cards from other brands. A bunch were in the Fleer set.

Tarrik Brock, .167 in 13 games

Raul Gonzalez, 0-2 in three games

Glenallen Hill
, .262 in 62 games

Cole Liniak, 0-3 in three games

Gary Matthews, .190 in 80 games
Augie Ojeda, .221 in 28 games

Rondell White, .328 in 19 games

Two guys were in Pacific's set

Chad Meyers, .173 in 36 games

Jose Nieves, .212 in 82 games

One player, Dave Martinez, had a Topps card while he was with the Devil Rays.

The rest of these guys had no card at all:
Brant Brown, .157 in 54 games
Ross Gload, .194 in 18 games
Jeff Huson, .215 in 70 games
Mike Mahoney, 1-7 in four games
Jeff Reed, .214 in 90 games

Finally, Topps had cards for a few players who didn't play at all with the Cubs in 2000.

Jeff Blauser, who was granted free agency after 1999 but signed by no one and retired.

Lance Johnson, who wasn't re-signed by the Cubs after 1999

Mickey Morandini, also let go after 1999

Jose Molina, who got a rookie card but spent all of 2000 in the minors.

This was a very unimpressive group of players!

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