Monday, March 15, 2010

Would Lincoln Be a Cubs Fan?

Well, the Topps Lincoln / Cubs nonsense is up to four cards.

If I remember correctly, the Topps clue about the SPs was something like "What was Abe Lincoln's favorite team?"

Of course, Topps realizes that Lincoln died 11 years before the Cubs first season, right? And they know that he was from Springfield, in central Illinois, which is an area divided between Cubs and Cardinals fans. So it could be just as possible that Lincoln would be a Cardinal fan.

It is true that the Cubs are on the North side, and it was the North that Lincoln led, so maybe that could tip him over to the Cubs. But again, he died 11 years before the National League and the Cubs were founded!!

If Topps was looking for a Cubs fan President, maybe a better choice would be Ronald Reagan. He, unlike Lincoln, is a native born Illinois resident.

He broadcast Cubs game on the radio for an Iowa radio station in the 1930's.

While President, he threw out a first pitch at Wrigley Field and then went to the booth and spent some time with Harry Caray and Steve Stone.

He even did a little play-by-play.

So let me help you out, Topps. Here is my SP Reagan Cubs card, featuring a real Cubs fan.


  1. Weeeeeeelllllll

  2. lincoln was a Republican,so maybe he would have been a cub fan