Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jack Brickhouse Cubs Card: Spades

Today we take a look at the last of the 13 cards in the 1985 Jack Brickhouse Cubs playing cards. The spades start with 1972 and go through the division winning team of 1984.

Milt Pappas, who lost a perfect game by walking the 27 batter, Padres pinch hitter Larry Stahl. He retired the next hitter and "settled" for a no-hitter, and has been whinning about it ever since.

The Reuschel brothers, Rick and Paul, combined for a shut out on August 21, 1975; it was the first time brothers accomplished this.

Bill Madlock went 4 for 4 on October 3, 1976 to win his second consecutive batting crown. His reward....a few months later he was traded to the Giants.

Dallas Green was hired by the Tribune Company in 1981 to rebuild the the franchise. Within three seasons, the Cubs were division champs.

In 1983, Jody Davis hit 24 home runs, the first time a Cub catcher topped 20 home runs in 50 years.

It cost the Cubs a future slugger, Joe Carter. But a June, 1984 trade with the Indians brought Sutcliffe to the Cubs and all he did was go 16-1.

In his first year as manager of the Royals in 1980, Frey led them to the AL crown. In his first season with the Cubs, he led them to the division title, but fell one game short of the pennant.

Ryne Sandberg had a breakout season in 1984, winning the NL MVP and putting himself in the national spotlight.

The division winning team of 1984, who brought great thrills in the summer and great disappointment in the fall.

Bob Dernier came to the team from the Phillies just prior to the start of the 1984 season and did a great job as the leadoff hitter. He and Ryne Sandberg were at the top of the order and referred to as "The Daily Double" by Harry Caray.

Sarge also came to the team in the same deal that brought Dernier and had a great season, finishing 5th in MVP voting.

Another ex-Phillie, Moreland got regular time in right field when Bill Buckner was traded and Leon Durham moved to first base.

Leon Durham took over at first when Bill Buckner was traded in June. In October, he acted like the 1986 post-season Bill Buckner, letting a grounder going between his legs and costing the Cubs a game. And this was in the fifth and final game of the series. Buckner's error was in game six, and the Red Sox still had a chance in game 7.

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