Monday, March 8, 2010

Heritage 2010 Inserts...The Cubs (or lack thereof)

Because I'm a team collector, I don't buy much wax anymore. I mostly pick up sets off of ebay. So I'm not into getting the big insert "hits." But for the last year or so, I have been trying to get most of the inserts that feature Cubs players.

Topps made it very easy to get the Heritage Cubs inserts this year.

First, there were four Cubs out of the 53 Clubhouse Collection jersey cards. I was able to pick up all of them for under $3 each. They featured Ryan Dempster, Carlos Marmol, Aramis Ramirez, and Carlos Zambrano.

Two things about these cards:

Why does Marmol not have a card in the base set if he gets a jersey card?
And, that Zambrano grey swatch has to be pretty rare, since he almost always wears the blue alternate jersey when he pitches.

Now, the rest of the inserts:

New Age Performers, 15 cards, 0 Cubs
Then and Now, 10
cards, 0 Cubs
Baseball Flashback, 10
cards, 0 Cubs
Heritage Chrome, 100
cards, 0 Cubs (yep, 0 for 100!)
Real One Autographs, 28
cards, 0 Cubs
Real One Dual Autographs, 7
cards, 0 Cubs
Flashback Autographs, 5
cards, 0 Cubs
Flashback Autographs relics, 5
cards, 0 Cubs
Flashback Relics, 10 cards, 1 Cub - Ernie Banks, though I have not seen one available yet
Dual Flashback Relics, 4
cards, 1 Cub - again, Ernie Banks, haven't seen one of this either
Clubhouse Collection Autographs relics, 10 cards, 0 Cubs
Clubhouse Collection Dual Autographs relics, 5
cards, 0 Cubs
Clubhouse Collection Dual relics, 5 cards, 0 Cubs
Cut Signatures, 2 cards, 0 Cubs

So that make a total of 269 inserts....and 6 Cubs cards.

Ouch, I'm not feeling the Cubbie love from Heritage!

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