Friday, March 19, 2010

Jack Brickhouse Cubs Team Cards

Today, and for four more days, I'll be showing you one the the odd ball sets I've picked up.

These are the Cubs playing cards put out by former Cubs broadcaster Jack Brickhouse in 1985. The set consist of 52 regular playing cards, two jokers, and a four card history of the Cubs.

The cards feature the photography of Chicago sports photographer George Brace. For nearly 50 years Brace photographed any major leaguer that came through either side of Chicago. Today his photos are available at this website. When I needed a rare picture of Tony LaRussa in a Cubs uniform, I was able to get one from the Brace website.

The set must be unlicensed because the Cubs logo has been altered. Notice that the picture on the backs of the cards had a big red circle that is reminiscent of the Cubs logo. This Bill Madlock card gives you a good example of how the Cubs logo was altered.

All of the pictures on the cards are in black and white. I'm sure many of the newer photos were taken by Brace in color, but the card company went the cheap route and printed all the photos in black and white.

The photos on the cards are in chronological order, starting with the oldest pictures with the hearts, and then goes through the clubs, diamonds, and lastly spades, showing different Cubs players through the years.

Jack Brickhouse put out the cards in 1985, when the Cubs were riding high after making their first post-season appearance in 39 years in 1984. Brickhouse is a hall of fame broadcaster who was with the Cubs on WGN for over 30 years and 5000 games.

He retired in 1981 and was replaced by Harry Caray, though Harry was 2 years older than Brickhouse. Harry was not ready to slow down.

Ron Cey was on the other Joker card. I wonder what Cey did to earn that distinction?

This is the four card history of the team that Jack wrote up. You can click on the cards so they are more readable.

Each day for the next four, I show the cards from a different suit, going in the chronological order of the pictures on the cards.


  1. I have a new unopened set of these cards. They are still in the shrink wrap. Are they worth anything?
    Thanks, Mike

  2. Sorry Mike, but their not worth a whole lot. Last year I picked up two brand new, wrapped sets for $12.