Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Take A Look at 10,000+ Cub Cards

No, I didn't put my entire collection into one tiled collage.

But I did get some comments on the collages, with some of you wanting to get a better look at the cards because the individual cards were too small.  Today's post is for you.

After I scan a card, I save it on my computer and back it up onto the family computer.  But with all the time and energy invested in scanning 10,000+ cards, I also upload them to Photobucket.  That way I've got an off-site backup too.  

I'm going to let you take a peek at my Photobucket.

Click on the Photobucket logo and you'll be taken to my album's home page.  Once there, click on the "Recent Albums" tab and then the link that says "View All Public Albums."  Now you can open a folder for each card brand.  Inside those is a subfolder for each year.  The best place to see all of the subfolders in in the bottom right hand side of the page.  You may have to scroll down a litlle to find it.

For quicker access to some of the more popular brands, click on the logo below and you'll be taken directly to the album for that brand.  Again, the best place to see the subfolders is in the right hand column, but you may need to scroll down a bit to see it.

1951 - 2012

2006 - 2011

1949 - 1955, 1989 - 2012

1981 - 2005

1981 - 2007

2001 - 2012

1988 - 1998

1991 - 2003, 2008

Team Issued cards given away at Wrigley Field, 1982 - 2010

1989 - 2010



  1. You are completely insane in every good way possible.

  2. Excellent! I've been utilizing the googledoc of your collection as a "checklist" for my wantlists. How are your scans so perfect? If I put mine along the edge of the scanner, they tend to get cut off. If I put then in the middle, they're crooked and I photoshop then to rotate a few degrees. Please tell me there's an easier way!!!

  3. But ... but... they're all ... CUBS.

  4. I'm incredibly impressed. Well done.

  5. Night Owl...yes they're CUBS....Beautiful glorious CUBS!

    Once...I had the same problem...edges cut off or crooked scans. My solution was to put a thin plastic ruler along the edge of the scanner bed. That gives me a nice straight line to use that won't get cut off. I can scan four cards at a time, and then I'll crop them to look nice. Also,I usually don't close the scanner lid when scanning. That gives me a nice dark edge around the cards, which makes cropping easier.

  6. Love it. I'm currently working on scanning my Braves and other PCs and organizing them in Photobucket...but you are light years ahead of me!

  7. I kind of do the same thing as you do with the ruler but I use a business card.

    Great pics. I enjoyed looking through the albums.


  8. Awesome Job! You are teh king of organzation!