Friday, June 1, 2018

Oddball Autograph

I've recently added a Cubs autograph to my collection and it is not a rule follower.  Its a player that you've most likely never heard of.  Its not a certified autograph.

So why on earth would I get a card of a guy that made one career appearance with the Cubs, just one inning in 1970?

Very simple.

My last name is Kosman.  There has never been an official baseball card of anyone with that name.  Jerry Koosman and Jim Cosman are as close as as anyone has come.  Koosman was a Met and Cosman a Cub.  That makes it pretty easy for me.

When I saw the card with a price of less than ten bucks, I went for it.  Is it a real signature?  I hope so.  I also figured that there isn't much of a reason to make a forgery of his card.


  1. Pretty cool. I have a Karl Olson collection (player from 1950s) and PCs of Greg Olson and Gregg Olson from my first time through the hobby. Matt Olson lives in the age of parallel mania and I haven't been picking up any of his cardboard. Although, I do have one auto of his.

  2. Jim Cosman passed away in 2013. After baseball, he went into the waste management, working his way up from driver to CEO of Republic Services.