Monday, November 29, 2021

My Miller Mistake

 I was looking over my homemade 2021 Cubs cards and realized I made a Miller mistake.

When I made my homemade cards, I used the Cubs 2021 roster from Baseballreference and compared it with the Topps checklists from the flagship set and update.

There's a Miller in the Update set and a Miller on the roster.

The update card is of Tyson Miller.  He pitched in two games for the 2020 Cubs.  He didn't make the team out of spring training in 2021 and was sent to AAA.  He lasted there for a couple of months before being released. 

The Miller on the 2021 Cubs was Shelby Miller.  He got shelled in three games in April (7 runs over 3 innings) and was released.

I have zero recollection of either Miller.  So when I was making my cards and saw that there was a Miller in the update set and a Miller that played for the 2021 Cubs, I incorrectly assumed they were the same guy.

That means I have one more homemade card to make.  Since I'm posting them in alphabetical order, and I'm already past the M's, I'll show him now.

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