Friday, December 8, 2023

2023 Archives Insert Set Cubs

 I showed the base Cubs Archives a couple of weeks ago.  It's taken me some time to get all of the inserts but I finally have them now.

There were eight basic insert sets.  By basic, I mean sets that are just regular cards (no relics or autographs) and are not numbered (like a /25 set).

The sets are listed below.  Those in italics have Cubs cards.

1954 Topps Tarzan 3D - 20 cards

1957 Topps Hit Stars - 15 cards

1969 Single Player Foil - 60  cards

1969 Team History poster - 30  cards

1979 Topps Baseball Comics - 15 cards

 1989 Topps Double Headers - 25 cards

 1997 Topps Season’s Best - 25  cards

1998 Topps Baby Boomers - 25 cards

This is the team history poster.  It is based on the 1969 team posters.  By the way, the Cubs 1969 poster is something I'd like to get some day, but they are a bit too pricy for me.

These are foil cards of individual players base on the design of the 1969 posters. They are a fabrication as there were no individual players done in 1969.  


Baby Boomers has two Cubs in it out of the 25 cards.  That makes up for the Cubs being snubbed in the original 1998 set.

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