Wednesday, December 6, 2023

2023 T206 High Series Cubs...And They Messed Up Billy

 In the past, the T206 set was released in waves of 50 or 100 cards.  The sets ended up with 500 cards.

Topps changed things up this year as the set came out in just two releases of 150 cards each.  And Topps got real creative with the names, called the two issues the Low Series and High Series.  The High Series cards were released on October 26 (another of the after the season is over sets).

Six Cubs were included on the checklist, three current and three retired.




While I am happy to see Billy Williams included, I think that they really messed up the picture.

Look at all of those black dots on his jersey.  That's not a dirty scanner bed, they are really on the card.  None of the other cards have those, so what happened here?  His face is also messed up.  It looks like he spent the day playing in the dirt.

I found the original photograph (1968 at Shea Stadium) and it is crystal clear.  Look at the sharpness of his jersey.  Whatever software they use to make the fake paintings from photographs did not do a good job at all.  They got the jersey and face messed up, but the bat and the #19 on the knob are sharp.  Yikes.

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  1. It was probably done by a 20 year-old that just assumed that nobody would care about some "old guy".