Monday, December 4, 2023

2023 Panini Chronicles Cubs

Chronicles is the weirdest of all the sets put out by any company, in my opinion.  It consists of a base set and then 22 different insert sets.  Yes, 22.

The base Chronicles set is made up of just 35 cards.  Yes, 35.

And since this is a Panini product, it has no active players and no logos.

Yes, a very weird product.

Somehow the Cubs were given two players on the 35-player checklist.

Mark Prior I have heard of.

Will Fritch I have not.  Topps has not either as the only set that included him in 2023 is Chronicles.  He has never been in Bowman, Pro Debut, or Heritage Minor Leagues.  

Here's the reason for Topps' exclusion:  He was drafted by the Cubs out of Oregon State as their sixth round pick in 2022.  But he had Tommy John surgery in the spring of 2022, a few months before the draft.  He is still recovering and has yet to throw a single inning for the Cubs organization.  In fact, the last time he pitched was for OSU in 2021.

So in a set with no active players and no logos, we get a card of someone who has yet to toss a single professional pitch.

Yes, Chronicles is a very weird set.

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