Saturday, January 21, 2012

1991 Star All Star Ryne Sandberg

I started collecting the various Star sets about two years ago. I've come up with a checklist of 31 different sets of Cubs players and by September, 2010, I had picked up 21 of the sets. Since then, it's been very slow going as most of the remaining sets, from 1991 and 1992, were few and far between. I've been nibbling away as sets have become available, and a few weeks ago, I picked up my 27th set.

As you probably figured from the title, the recent addition was the 1991 All Star set. These were numbered to 500, though it's not the cards that are numbered. Instead, Star put numbered labels on the cases.

Here's my case, #370 of 500. As with most Star sets, there were nine cards, #28-36.

The four Star sets I'm missing are all of Ryne Sandberg. They are 1991 and 1992 Stellar and 1992 Millennium and Platinum. I'm sure they'll show up some day!


  1. I believe the only Sandberg set I'm missing is the 1992 Stellar as well.

  2. Tai, any leads on where to find my missing sets. All the usual online sources have nothing.

  3. You can try contacting star galore on ebay. I picked all mine up from ebay from various sellers.