Thursday, January 19, 2012

24 Year Old Cardboard from 30 Year Old Cardboard

I'm starting to feel like a real baseball card blogger. I've gotten several packages in the past couple weeks from other bloggers and readers and have sent out several too.

Today I've got a generous stack of Andre Dawson cards that came from Brian at 30-Year-Old Cardboard. He offered to help add to my Dawson Player Collection and I gratefully accepted. With these new cards, I've got 44 cards in the PC along with another 128 in the team collection, making a total of 172 cards of the Hawk. That leaves me only 800 or so behind Brian! He is that master collector; I'm the wannabe!

The earliest of the cards are from 1988, the season after Dawson won the MVP with the last place Cubs. Most of these are cards I had never seen before. I didn't realized there were so many different brands and subsets back then. The cards progress through the years, ending with a Gypsy Queen Mini from 2011.

Thanks you Brian for your generosity. I've got a couple "gently worn" 1969 and 1970 Bob Gibson cards on the way for you.

Before I get to the Dawson cards, I'd like to say "Happy Birthday" to one of my regular readers in Oak Lawn, Illinois. Happy Birthday, Dad!

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  1. Happy to help!! I don't usually offer up any Dawsons, but I like how organized you were with your goals. I know that they're in a good home.