Monday, January 9, 2012

A Christmas Surprise

A week or so before Christmas I got an email from a reader, Trey, who said that he was getting out of collecting. He had gotten back into the hobby about a year ago after returning from Iraq (thank you for your service to our country!) and collecting cards was a nice diversion while he looked for a work. When a new job came, time for collecting went. He thought I could make a nice home for some of his cards and offered to send a package my way. I gladly accepted.

On Christmas Eve, the package came, and was I surprised! It wasn't a pile of commons; it was a nice sized stack of jersey and bat cards, mostly of Kerry Wood and Mark Prior, with some Sammys mixed in too. I was completely blown away by Trey's generosity.

Take a look at what he sent.

I'll start with the Kerry Wood stuff, eight cards:

Here are the three Mark Prior cards....

And a couple of Sammys

The Power Deck was new to me. The card is actually a mini-CD. Though issued in 2000, it still worked in my computer. It has videos, pictures and stats on it.

While all of these cards are great, I'm holding back on you. Tomorrow I'll show the five that I consider the best of the lot.

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