Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fixing A Couple 50 Year Old Hats

There are a couple cards in the 1962 Cubs set with hat issues. I felt the need to fix them.

This card is up first. Poor Bob Anderson; poor hatless Bob Anderson. The iconic Wrigley scoreboard is in the background, so we know this picture was taken at home. But Bob isn't wearing a hat. When the Topps photographer tells you to take your hat off, that means he thinks you're not very good and they need a shot to use in case you get moved.

But Bob didn't. So why are they using this picture? Shouldn't there be a picture of him wearing a hat? We can't have a hatless Cub at Wrigley Field. That would just be wrong.

Consider the wrong righted.

On to problem #2

I have to give Topps credit for trying. Bob Buhl was traded to the Cubs on April 30, 1962. Topps scrambled to get the card updated and changed the team listing to the Cubs. But the hat, well, I'm guessing that they picked this picture because so little of the "M" was visible but forgot to airbrush out the "M."

Later on an airbrushed version of the card came out. That is all well and good, but with 2012 technology we can do better. Let's put Bob in a Cubs hat.

Much better!


  1. Nice job and yes, I even noticed you fixed Bob Buhl's jersey. Nothing against your fix, but I think I like Anderson better without the cap. His hair reminds me of Roger Maris.

  2. Good eye with the jersey....I know it goes against the usual Topps way of thinking, but if you're going to doctor a card, you should do it right. And you're right, Anderson looks a lot like Maris; I noticed that when was working on the 61* post.