Sunday, January 1, 2012


The blog hits the 3 year mark today.

It's been a very quick three years. Over that span I've written over 1,100 posts, made some trades with other bloggers, received some great gift packages, and acquired a boatload of new cards, and have had fun along the way.

Having a card collection led me to blogging and having a blog has kept me moving forward with the collection. They both go well together. I'm not at a point where I'm tired or bored with either, so the plan is to keep up with each.

Thank you to all of you who've been reading, whether you came in at the start, or have joined in along the way.

To celebrate 3, I've got cards of all the Cubs players that have worn #3 over the years. The list is a shorter list than other numbers because 3 has been worn by many coaches/managers. Traditionally the Cubs set aside numbers 1-5 for the non-playing staff. That custom is pretty much gone these days, but it has kept the 3 list small.

I'll show the players chronologically, starting with the oldest.

Hall of Famer Kiki Cuyler, 1932-1935

Gene Lillard, 1936

Ripper Collins, 1937-1938

Phil Cavarretta, 1939-1940

Walt Lanfranconi, 1941

Hal Jeffcoat, 1953

Gale Wade, 1955

Owen Friend, 1955-1956

Jim Bolger, 1957-1958

Chad Hermansen, 2002...the first active player the wear the number in 44 years!

Jeromy Burnitz, 2005

Ryan Theriot, 2006

Cesar Izturis, 2006-2007

Eric Patterson, 2007

I do also want to show one of the non-active Cubs to wear #3....

Manager Herman Franks, an infamous....

dirt kicker!


  1. Happy anniversary, although the date is a little sketchy. ;)

  2. Happy anniversary. I enjoy your blog!

  3. I've got to wonder how the "C" on Ripper's hat got reversed but the one on his jersey did not?

  4. Something is all messed up with that Collins card. Not only is the C backwards, but it's rounded too. The Cubs didn't wear a rounded C until 1957.

  5. Happy belated birthday! I reached your last one on 11/14/14. I'll try to not take a year-and-a-half before I celebrate your next one, but it's continued to be fun to read them all in order. Especially when you know the ends of some of the stories! To help celebrate your birthday the Cubs won their 40th game of the season today. Blow out your candles!