Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Red and Blue Heroes

In the post I wrote about the 2008 Baseball Heroes set I said I liked the base but was ambivalent about all of the different colored parallels. There were too many for my taste. Among the comments was one by Night Owl, who stated that the colored parallels were the only reason he cared about the set and that I should look into some of the parallels.

It was good advice and I took it. After looking over the different choices, I decided to get the red and blue sets. The reason for those to colors should be obvious: they are to two main colors you see on a Cubs uniform and I thought the cards and uniforms would look nice together. I was right!

Both colors are numbered, the red to 249 and the blue to 199. Yet despite the fact that they are in such short supply, I was able to get them all fairly easily and fairly cheaply. I don't understand how cards with such a low print number can go for only a dollar or two. I would have thought that there were 199 Ernie Banks collectors that would have snagged all of the blue Ernies and stored them away, putting them at a premium price. Luckily, that's wasn't the case.

With the numbered cards, that means that at most, there are 199 blue Cubs team sets put together. It's safe to assume that not all 199 of the cards ended up in team sets. I wonder how many blue or red Cub sets (or any other team, for that matter) have been put together? 50? 100? 1?

I'll display the cards side by side. You can really see how both colors match nicely with the Cubs uniform. Thanks Night Owl for nudging me towards these.

I like to store my parallels side by side in the binder so you can see how they looked together. Here is what the first page looks like:

Pretty nice!


  1. Aren't they purty? I also like the green, but I don't want to get you into more trouble :)

  2. Pretty! My two favorite colors. The Heroes green is nice though.

  3. Looks Good Paul! I am a 'Purple' away from completing the Banks rainbow...

    I have yet to see one, just 25 copies.