Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Second Place Loot

On Monday I got a package in the mail from Wes over at Jaybarkerfan's Junk. I finished second in his Blog of the Year Poll and all sorts of Cubbies came my way. Thank you Wes!!

Mr. Cub himself leads off the loot.

There were lots of Sammys from the late 90's. I hadn't seen any of these before. Most are from the late '90s, when Sammymania was at its peak.

He also sent over this nice card of Mark Grace. Its from the 1997 Pacific Invincible set, and the writing on the back... en Espanol.

Grace's Donruss rookie card was in the package, too.

Ryno didn't get left out; a nice cards from Sportsflicand Topps Gallery were included.

A couple interesting oddballs rounded things out.

This Sosa coin was part of Pinnacle's 1997 Mint Condition Coins set

And a 1990 Heads Up of Dwight Smith. There were only 24 cards in this set and three were Cubs, Sandberg, Smith and Jerome Walton. I may have to pick up the other two and complete this funky set.

Thank you again, Wes for having the contest and sending the cards!


  1. unrelated to your post, but ultimatly related to your blog, how pumped are you about Rizzo? I will see him in Chi town and cincy for sure!

  2. HitKing...not sure what to make with Rizzo. I'm just going to have to trust Theo/Jed on this one. But...the last hyped rookie to play first base for the Cubs was Hee Seop Choi....and that didn't work out too well!