Friday, January 13, 2012

60 Years Worth of #1

I know that you couldn't wait until today's post to find out how many players from your team made Topps card #1. The suspense was killing you. Well, you can relax now, and read...

Would it shock you to know that the team with the most #1s is the Yankees? Though that wasn't a big surprise, it was surprising to find out that Topps never gave #1 to Mickey Mantle.

Here's the list of all #1s by team. On cards with multiple players, each player was counted for his team (except the World Champion cards....teams didn't get credit for 25 on those, only one!).

8 - Yankees
7 - Red Sox
6 - Pirates
6 - Cardinals
6 - Orioles
5 - Dodgers
4 - Braves
4 - Brewers
4 - Giants
4 - Phillies
4 - Rangers
4 - Senators/Twins
3 - Cubs
3 - White Sox
2 - Reds
2 - A's
2 - Blue Jays
2 - Padres
2 - Royals
1 - Angels
1 - Mets

All of the other teams....Tigers, Indians, Expos/Nationals, Astros, Mariners, Rockies, Marlins, Diamondbacks, and Rays....were shut out.

And in case you want to double check my counting, here are all 60 years worth of #1s (I lifted most of these pictures from Topps; I was too lazy to scan all of my #1s and I only go back to 1969 anyway).

Preliminary checklists show this card to be 2012's #1

I wonder if Topps will stay with it or make a change.


  1. I did something similar to this, but it was more focused on the player -- and I didn't have the patience for all the scans:

  2. No need to scan...I just swiped..err..borrowed...them from Topps. Took less than ten minutes for 60 cards.

  3. You should do another post with the final card from each year. Always interesting to see who ends up where in each set.

  4. Stay tuned...I've got something in a week or so that is similar to the last card idea....

  5. Nice of Topps to include Alex Rodriguez as card one five times.

  6. One Number One and it had to be John Lackey. Damn!

  7. Yeah, a real head scratcher as to why John Lackey was given #1.

  8. Angels in Order, my thoughts exactly! When I saw the list and that there was a single Angel, I put my thinking cap on and tried to remember what year it could be, had to be a leader card, couldn't be Ryan, because those years were Texas years. I gave up, then I looked down the list and it was... Lackey! ugh! I don't miss him, lol.

  9. Glad to have Nolan represent the Rangers three years in a row. Not so much with Arod.