Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'm #2

It's been said that finishing second in like kissing your sister. I don't have any sisters, but if I did, they would want to stay away from me because I've been finishing second lately.

Wes at Jaybarkerfan's Junk had his First Annual Blog of the Year Poll recently. There were 32 different blogs nominated, included this one (thank you Hackenbush and Matt!). With over 300 active sports card blogs out there, it's nice to just be nominated. And before the poll even opened, I bet most bloggers knew which one should win...Night Owl.

And rightly, Greg did get the most votes. But in a shock to me, this blog finished second. Does that me that WW is the second best blog? Hardly! But it is humbling that 13 different people actually did send a vote my way.

Now the weird part: this is the second time in two months that WW has finished second. Back in November, John at Donruss 1982 counted down his 20 Greatest Sport Card Blogs. He had Night Owl at number 1, but put me in the second spot! Not only did it surprise me, but it surprised him, too.

So how ironic is it that a Cubs blog twice finishes near the top, but just can't get to the peak. Apparently 100 year droughts also apply to blogs!

In honor of my second place finishes, I give you my favorite Cub to wear #2,

manager Leo Durocher, who led the 1969 Cubs to....

....Second Place!

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