Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Best from Trey

In addition to a bunch of Wood, Prior, and Sosa cards, Trey sent a few more, which I consider the best of the lot. All five cards feature Hall of Famers, and include my favorite players:

Topps Tribute 2010 Bruce Sutter, 20/50. Sutter went into the Hall as a Cardinal, but to me he's always a Cub. He came up through the Cubs farm system, won two All Star games in blue, and picked up his only Cy Young as a Cub. Plus, he looks much better as a Cub with a Fu Manchu, than as a Cardinal with the Grizzly Adams look.

Topps Tribute 2010 Fergie Jenkins, 66/75. The card has an action shot of Fergie from 1972 and a bat piece. Fergie was a decent hitter, hitting 13 career homers, including six in 1971 alone. In his case, a bat relic for a pitcher is ok.

Topps Tribute 2010 Billy Williams, 12/25. This is a great looking card of my all-time favorite Cub.

What can I say about this beauty? This Triple Threads card, from 2010, #09/36, has three great Cubs, with Mr. Cub in the center. Totally awesome!

And finally, the cream of the crop:

From Topps T206 2010, a jersey card of Johnny Evers! I've got a piece of a game worn jersey of a world champion Cub! Genuine flannel!

Now that I've got this card, I know which card will be the first authentic T206 cards I'll chase.

Thanks again to Trey for his amazing generosity. I was speechless when I first opened the package on Christmas Eve, and still today, I can't believe the great cards he sent me. Thanks!


  1. Boy, Trey didn't mess around with base cards.

  2. I agree with Night Owl. Dude set the bar pretty high here. I have a Zambrano relic you can have... oh forget it. -Andy

  3. Yeah, pretty amazing how generous he was. And Zambrano, uh, no thanks!!

  4. Wow! That is a big time score. Those are all great cards. I love the blog world!

  5. That trio of Banks, Sandberg, and Dawson makes me drool every time I see it!! Enjoy it.