Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Isaly's Ice Cream Cubs 1976

Today's cards (actually discs) are part of the loot that Trey sent me about a month ago. I got so excited about all the relics that I forgot about these. Oops!

In the mid-late '70s there were a bunch of these disc sets released by various regional companies. These are from two Pittsburgh areas stores, Isaly's Ice Cream and Sweet William restaurants. I have never heard of either of them. The chain has died, but the Isaly brand name is still around.

The discs were produced by Michale Schecter Associates under a MLBPA license, but without an MBL license. The lack of the MLB license is pretty obvious, with the logos all removed.

The backs of the discs have the initials MSA on them, but no date is listed. I counted nine different 1976 regional variations of these discs in the Standard Catalog. They all feature the same 70 player checklist, which included five Cubs. With 24 teams, the average should be three players per team. It surprises me that the Cubs has five, since they were not very good at the time.


  1. Oddballs for sure. I like the Cardenal. Looks like he's in the Army, but I don't think the hair would work. Morales was a solid, if unspectacular player for the Cubs.

  2. Were these used as lids for dixie-cups?

  3. No, they're really big. I should have listed their size in the post. The circles are 3 3/8" in diameter. They were just used as collector's pieces