Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Annual "I Found One More" Post

This seems to have become an annual thing. I think I'm done with the base set and then I find a card I've missed. It happened in 2009 and 2010. And now, it's happened with the 2011 set.

This is the missing card; kind of. I suppose it depends on how picky you are as a collector. As you can see, its a relic card of Aramis Ramirez from series one. When series one came out,

I bought one. But if you look at the two cards, you'll notice a difference with the relic. The card I picked up last February was a jersey card. And in all of the auctions at the time, that's all I saw--jersey cards.

But apparently Topps also put out a second version, with a bat relic. I didn't even realize there was this second version until about six weeks ago, reading about it on another blog. You can debate whether this is a "different" card because of the different relic. Some collectors even consider jersey cards different if they have a home and away jersey. I'm not that picky, but a bat is not the same as a jersey, so I wanted both cards.

I did a quick search on ebay and found only jersey cards. It took about a month before a bat card turned up. Luckily for me, the seller didn't realize that the bat card was not as common as the jersey. The starting price was 99¢ and I got the card for $1.25.

So with this card, NOW I believe that I am finished with 2011 Topps. The final count: 268 cards.

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  1. I consider relics to be different cards depending on the pieces too, be it bats, jerseys (home or away) or what ever else they decide to put in there.