Saturday, January 7, 2012

All-Time Fan Favorites 2004

In 2003 Topps released another 150 card set of All-Time Fan Favorites, keeping the same format as in 2002. The cards featured vintage designs with a different photo than in the original card. The number of Cubs in the set took a hit, dropping from eight in '02 to only five in '03. Two of the five were repeats, while three were new to the set.

As I did yesterday, I'll have the Fan Favorite on the left and the original card on the right. I'll start off with the repeats.

Fergie Jenkins, 1967, though based on the size of his sideburns, the picture looks like its from '69-'70. The picture on the '67 card has to be from 1966, Fergie's first season with the Cubs. You can see that the font for "CUBS" on the FF card isn't close at all to the original.

Ron Santo, 1961 rookie card. The flaw here is that Santo's picture was taken at Shea Stadium. In 1961 Shea Stadium didn't exist. Heck, in 1961 the New York Mets didn't exist.

Here are the three new Cubs

Don Kessinger, 1972. This picture was definitely taken in 1972, since that was the only season the Cubs wore the style of road uniform that Kessinger's got. The picture in the FF card looks much better than the original.

Ryne Sandberg, 1990. A nice shot of Ryno at Wrigley on the FF; the home uni looks much better than the softball road uni.

Rick Sutcliffe, 1984. Topps give us a picture of the Red Baron at spring training. I'll take the action shot from the '84 and the insert picture from the FF. Here's what the combo card looks like:

Tomorrow I'll have the final All Time Fan Favorite set (at least until the 2012 cards come out).

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  1. It's hard to beat Santo's original rookie card. I agree with you about the font on Fergie's card. The team name is just so prominent on the '67's that you have to get it right. Sutcliffe looks to me like he's modelling the newest Cubs merchandise on the Favorites card. I have the jacket but I don't wear it too often (the wife thinks it's too flashy).