Wednesday, April 9, 2014

2014 Gypsy Queen Checklist Including Darwin Barney*

Topps released the checklist for 2014 Gypsy Queen, which is officially released today, though some was up on Ebay already yesterday.

And how did the Cubs do?

They did what you would expect a 100 loss team would do....below average.

With 350 cards in the set, simple division says that there should be eleven or twelve Cubs included.

They came up three short, only eight cards.

The eight were:

12 Kyuji Fujikawa
22 Starlin Castro
40 Fergie Jenkins
63 Anthony Rizzo
111 Ernie Banks
184 Jeff Samardzija
214 Junior Lake
269 Travis Wood

Look over the list again, and reread the title of the post.

Whos missing?

Darwin Barney.

It's a little disappointing that Barney didn't make the list like he did last year.  Then again, that means I don't have to chase down all the parallels and mini parallels.

So why did I say in the post title that he was on the checklist?

I didn't.....I said Darwin Barney*

Allow me to explain the asterisk.

Anthony Rizzo was included in the Glove Stories insert set and the card looks like...

....this (thank you Ebay for the image).

Darwin Barney is in that card.

No, he's not sitting in the stands in the rain gear.

See that arm on the very right side of the picture.  That's Barney's arm

Here is the original photo from Getty Images.  Without the card cropping, you can see more of Darwin.

So there, Darwin Barney is in 2014 Gypsy Queen.

In addition to the eight cards in the base set, the Cubs did have some autograph and relic cards.  Other than the Glove Story card, I am not going after any of these.

Autographs GQA-AR Anthony Rizzo
Autographs GQA-EB Ernie Banks

Autographs Mini MA-AR Anthony Rizzo
Autographs Mini MA-EB Ernie Banks

Autographs Retail Mini AR-AR Anthony Rizzo
Autographs Retail Mini RMA-AR Anthony Rizzo
Autographs Retail Mini RMA-EB Ernie Banks

Clear Mini Base 40 Fergie Jenkins
Clear Mini Base 63 Anthony Rizzo
Clear Mini Base 111 Ernie Banks

Dual Autograph Relic DAR-CR Anthony Rizzo
Dual Autograph Relic DAR-CR Starlin Castro

Frames Paper Parallels 22 Starlin Castro
Frames Paper Parallels 40 Fergie Jenkins
Frames Paper Parallels 111 Ernie Banks

Glove Stories GS-AR Anthony Rizzo

Graphite Minis 40 Fergie Jenkins
Graphite Minis 63 Anthony Rizzo
Graphite Minis 111 Ernie Banks

Jumbo Patch Relic GJR-AD Andre Dawson
Jumbo Patch Relic GJR-BW Billy Williams
Jumbo Patch Relic GJR-EB Ernie Banks

Mini Autograph Relic Book OAP-AD Andre Dawson

Mini Base 12 Kyuji Fujikawa
Mini Base 22 Starlin Castro
Mini Base 40 Fergie Jenkins
Mini Base 63 Anthony Rizzo
Mini Base 111 Ernie Banks
Mini Base 184 Jeff Samardzija
Mini Base 214 Junior Lake
Mini Base 269 Travis Wood
Mini Relic GMR-AR Anthony Rizzo

Come back tomorrow and I'll have the entire checklist sorted by teams.


  1. I would liked to have had Barney over Fujikawa. Twelve innings is all Fujukawa has pitched in his MLB career AND he's still on the road to recovery.

    Sometimes I just don't understand the decisions Topps makes.

  2. Time to start a Barney cameo collection. I don't remember the card but he was on the short end of a double play card last year or the year before. Didi Gregorious, maybe?

    And I think Topps knows exactly what its doing by including Fujikawa. The Asian fan base is huge. My local minor league team's stadium sold out plus standing room only when Chien Ming Wang made a rehab start, but didn't for Strasburg, Harper or Ryan Zimmmerman in the same season. It's like Fukudome all over again.