Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Nice Billy Autographed Card

I've been adding autographed items to my Billy Williams collection and over the next three days I'll show what I picked up.

Up today is the one regular card.

It's from Upper Deck's 2005 Hall of Fame Baseball Class of Cooperstown.  The card has a sticker autograph--boo.  There is also a small piece of a bat with the Hall of Fame logo and 1987 (Billy's year of induction) burned into it.  The card is also numbered....5/15

Despite the sticker auto, I really like the card.

We've got a nice picture of Billy from 1968.  It's a picture that is not on any of my other autographed Billy cards either.

The blue background and blue of his hat and sleeves compliment each other nicely.  Even the signature is in blue.

Upper Deck did a nice job here!


  1. That is definitely one of the nicer looking autograph cards out there. Are they claiming that's a real bat piece on the back or is it the bat equivalent of a manu-patch? I think its cool either way.

    1. Its just a manu-patch, but you're right...very cool looking

  2. That's a very cool looking card! I like the burned in piece of bat.

  3. Terrific looking card! Billy has a lot of sticker autos. Oh, well. Not all. Can't wait to see what else you snagged.

  4. Just plain beautiful. Very nice.