Saturday, April 26, 2014

Shame On Me....Look What I Bought

I wouldn't have done it if Billy Williams was included in more 2014 products.

I wouldn't have done it if the price wasn't right.

But I only have three cards of his from 2014, the Museum base and a couple parallels.

And the price was a third to a fourth of what the card was going for in other auctions and BINS.

I went ahead and I bought it...

...the aforementioned Billy Williams Gypsy Queen jumbo relic.

That's the biggest hunk of a "game worn patch" that I own.  Its the biggest bat piece, too.

And the cards is 17/25.  

So for only $7.50, how could I resist.

Please don't think any less of me!


  1. Not thinking any less of you... but still thinking less of Topps. I know you pointed this out before, but the gross overuse of some pictures is a shame. And how can we forget that's not a patch, but a bat? Sigh.

    1. Check out this link showing just how bad Topps is reusing the same photo or photos.

  2. Congratulations. Great card... even with the "game-worn patch" error.

  3. Did we all forget about the failed experiment of wooden uniforms the Cubs wore in a series with the Reds in 1961?