Friday, April 25, 2014

Post 2000

All right class, time for a little math.

Check the Blog Archive in the right hand column.

Look at the number of post for each year and do a little addition


Add up those numbers and you get the nice round number of 2000.

Welcome to my 2000th post!

I never ever dreamed that I would come up 2000 different ideas to write about.  My biggest fear when starting the blog was having enough to write about.  2000 posts later I keep coming up with something.  It may not be Pulitzer Prize winning material, but it's something.

Check the yearly numbers again and you'll see that I'm pretty consistent.  Early on I had days with more than one post, but generally I just keep plodding along at one a day.

So how do I celebrate 2000 posts?

With 2000 Cubs  cards, naturally.  Nothing special here, just a random bunch of cards.

Thanks for reading. Hope you'll stick around for the next 2000 posts.


  1. Congratulations on Post 2000!

  2. Wow, 2,000 posts! That's damn impressive. Congratulations!

    I have to admit, at first I thought that "Post 2000" was some card set I hadn't heard of before, maybe a Y2K update of the cereal set. Sorry, I haven't had my caffeine yet.

  3. Congrats. Alway enjoy seeing the Cubs cards!

  4. Am quite new to following your blog, but love reading your posts. Congrats on 2000 and cool tile/image.

  5. Great stuff! This blog is definitely part of my morning routine.

    I would love to see your top 5 or 10 post list (as far as traffic goes) if you're stuck for an idea one of these days. (Although linking them may skew them even further ahead of the rest of your posts).

  6. Congrats, Paul! Here's to the next 2,000. Hopefully one of them will be honoring the Cubs reaching the World Series.