Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Junk Mail

I'm a Cub fan.

I live in Southwest Michigan.

I recently got some bizarre junk mail.

And I mean, junk!

Mastercard wants me to have a Cleveland Indians card.

Again, I'm a Cub fan in Southwest Michigan.

I'm puzzled as to the Indians connection.

The only thing I could come up with was that I bought Indians tickets via the MLB website six years ago.  Mrs. WW and I were on our 25th anniversary trip.  The last day of the vacation was spent in Cleveland.  We did the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and then saw an Indians game that night.

But I've also bought tickets to Cubs games, Tigers games, Brewers games, Reds games and Pirates games from the MLB website.  Why did Mastercard see me as an Indians fan?

Sorry, but it's going to take more than a $100 cash back offer to get me to switch.

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