Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sega Card Gen 2013...Finally Finished

I've been working on the 14 card Cubs team set from Sega Card Gen since last October.  I can finally say that I am finished!

I didn't have nearly this much trouble putting the 2012 set together, but 2013 was a real bugger.  An obvious problem is that these are sold only in Japan.  I'm in Michigan.

There is an Ebay seller in Japan that usually lists a bunch of these every month or so.  In fact, all the Sega cards I've bought over the past two years were from him.  I didn't do well at all in a October auction (got only one card), but scored big in November.  At that point I had eleven of the fourteen Cubs.

A month later I was able to get one more (Luis Valbuena), but still struck out on the final two (Rizzo and Samardzija).  I figured I was going up against player and team collectors for Rizzo and Samardzija.

In early March the seller listed more including my final two.  This time I set the sniper a little higher than usual-- I didn't want to loose out once again.  Thankfully I didn't and I even got the cards at prices lower than the other auctions I had lost.

In the past it took less than two weeks for the cards to arrive from Japan.  This time, two weeks came and went, with no cards.  Then three weeks....I was starting to get nervous.  I had total faith the seller, not as much faith in the Japanese and US Postal Services.

Just short of four weeks, the cards finally arrived.


And with these two now in hand, the fourteen card set is finished.

And how many of the fourteen are with the Cubs today?

I was surprised when I counted up eight of the fourteen....Barney, Castro, Jackson, Rizzo, Russell, Samradzija, Schierholtz, and Valbuena.

That's over half, more than I would have figured.

Maybe we're not rebuilding any more...maybe were just bad!

(I hope we are still rebuilding)

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