Thursday, April 10, 2014

2014 Gypsy Queen Checklist Sorted By Team

The Gypsy Queen checklist came out on Tuesday and the cards were officially released yesterday.  Now in its fourth year, GQ seems to be picking up a healthy following.

Yesterday I promised that I'd have the entire checklist sorted by team and I've got that below.

So how did your team fare?

Before I get to the checklist, I've got the team totals below.  The numbers represent players in the set, not cards, since the checklist listed each player on the two and three player cards. Also note that the totals don't include the parallel cards. Even so, would it shock anyone to see that the Yankees top the list?

Not me.

To me the biggest surprise is how many Rays are in the set.  With apologies to the Collective Troll, I'd have to say that there aren't a ton of Rays fans or collectors out there.  Its interesting that Topps would put so much into a team without a strong fan base, and therefore with a strong consumer base.

At the other end,  pity the poor Padres fans.  Then again, with only 19 cards to chase, they aren't poor at all--they won't have to spend very much for a master team set.

And look at my Cubs....near the bottom of the list....just like the league standings.

The sooner both of these can change, the better!

Team Rankings by Players in 2014 Gypsy Queen

Yankees139          Angels61
Red Sox117Blue Jays51
Dodgers96Diamondbacks   47
Reds85White Sox41
Nationals   64Padres19

Complete 2014 Gypsy Queen Checklist sorted by team:

AngelsBase41Jered Weaver
AngelsBase148Raul Ibanez
AngelsBase189Rod Carew
AngelsBase242C.J. Wilson
AngelsBase265Tyler Skaggs
AngelsBase278David Freese
AngelsBase SP307Josh Hamilton
AngelsBase SP310Albert Pujols
AngelsBase SP349Mike Trout
AngelsMini Base41Jered Weaver
AngelsMini Base148Raul Ibanez
AngelsMini Base189Rod Carew
AngelsMini Base242C.J. Wilson
AngelsMini Base265Tyler Skaggs
AngelsMini Base278David Freese
AngelsMini Base SP307Josh Hamilton
AngelsMini Base SP310Albert Pujols
AngelsMini Base SP349Mike Trout
AngelsAround the Horn Autographs  ATH-JWJered Weaver
AngelsAutograph RelicAR-MTMike Trout
AngelsAutographs MiniMA-MTMike Trout
AngelsAutographs Retail MiniRMA-MTMike Trout
AngelsButton Autograph RelicBAR-JWJered Weaver
AngelsClear Mini Base41Jered Weaver
AngelsClear Mini Base278David Freese
AngelsClear Mini Base307Josh Hamilton
AngelsClear Mini Base310Albert Pujols
AngelsClear Mini Base349Mike Trout
AngelsDebut All StarsAS-MTMike Trout
AngelsDual Autograph RelicDAR-CWJered Weaver
AngelsDual Autograph RelicDAR-THJosh Hamilton
AngelsDual Autograph RelicDAR-THMike Trout
AngelsFrames Paper Parallels41Jered Weaver
AngelsFrames Paper Parallels189Rod Carew
AngelsGlove StoriesGS-MTMike Trout
AngelsGraphite Minis41Jered Weaver
AngelsGraphite Minis278David Freese
AngelsGraphite Minis307Josh Hamilton
AngelsGraphite Minis310Albert Pujols
AngelsGraphite Minis349Mike Trout
AngelsHometown FlagsGQHF-APAlbert Pujols
AngelsHometown FlagsGQHF-JHJosh Hamilton
AngelsHometown FlagsGQHF-MTMike Trout
AngelsJumbo Patch RelicGJR-APUAlbert Pujols
AngelsJumbo Patch RelicGJR-MTMike Trout
AngelsMini Autograph Relic BookMAR-JWJered Weaver
AngelsMini Autograph Relic BookMAR-MTMike Trout
AngelsMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-APAlbert Pujols
AngelsMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-JHJosh Hamilton
AngelsMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-MTMike Trout
AngelsMini Box Variations307Josh Hamilton
AngelsMini Box Variations310Albert Pujols
AngelsMini Box Variations349Mike Trout
AngelsN174 Gypsy QueenN174-MTMike Trout
AngelsReverse Image189Rod Carew
AngelsReverse Image310Albert Pujols
AngelsReverse Image349Mike Trout
AngelsTriple Autograph RelicTAR-FMMDavid Freese
AngelsTriple Autograph RelicTAR-THWJosh Hamilton
AngelsTriple Autograph RelicTAR-THWMike Trout
AngelsTriple Autograph RelicTAR-THWJered Weaver
AstrosBase81Brett Oberholtzer
AstrosBase89Craig Biggio
AstrosBase154Jason Castro
AstrosBase159Matt Dominguez
AstrosBase178Jose Altuve
AstrosBase183Jeff Bagwell
AstrosBase288Chris Carter
AstrosBase294Jonathan Villar
AstrosBase SP347Jarred Cosart
AstrosMini Base81Brett Oberholtzer
AstrosMini Base89Craig Biggio
AstrosMini Base154Jason Castro
AstrosMini Base159Matt Dominguez
AstrosMini Base178Jose Altuve
AstrosMini Base183Jeff Bagwell
AstrosMini Base288Chris Carter
AstrosMini Base294Jonathan Villar
AstrosMini Base SP347Jarred Cosart
AstrosAround the Horn AutographsATH-CBCraig Biggio
AstrosAutographs MiniMA-CBCraig Biggio
AstrosAutographs Retail MiniAR-CBCraig Biggio
AstrosAutographs Retail MiniRMA-CBCraig Biggio
AstrosButton Autograph RelicBAR-CBCraig Biggio
AstrosClear Mini Base89Craig Biggio
AstrosClear Mini Base183Jeff Bagwell
AstrosClear Mini Base347Jarred Cosart
AstrosFrames Paper Parallels89Craig Biggio
AstrosFrames Paper Parallels178Jose Altuve
AstrosFrames Paper Parallels183Jeff Bagwell
AstrosGraphite Minis89Craig Biggio
AstrosGraphite Minis183Jeff Bagwell
AstrosGraphite Minis347Jarred Cosart
AthleticsBase56Yoenis Cespedes
AthleticsBase77Reggie Jackson
AthleticsBase102A.J. Griffin
AthleticsBase167Josh Reddick
AthleticsBase191Mark McGwire
AthleticsBase200Rickey Henderson
AthleticsBase219Brandon Moss
AthleticsBase234Jim Johnson
AthleticsBase241Tommy Milone
AthleticsBase248Jarrod Parker
AthleticsBase257Coco Crisp
AthleticsBase263Catfish Hunter
AthleticsBase267Jed Lowrie
AthleticsBase SP313Josh Donaldson
AthleticsBase SP337Sonny Gray
AthleticsMini Base56Yoenis Cespedes
AthleticsMini Base77Reggie Jackson
AthleticsMini Base102A.J. Griffin
AthleticsMini Base167Josh Reddick
AthleticsMini Base191Mark McGwire
AthleticsMini Base200Rickey Henderson
AthleticsMini Base219Brandon Moss
AthleticsMini Base234Jim Johnson
AthleticsMini Base241Tommy Milone
AthleticsMini Base248Jarrod Parker
AthleticsMini Base257Coco Crisp
AthleticsMini Base263Catfish Hunter
AthleticsMini Base267Jed Lowrie
AthleticsMini Base SP313Josh Donaldson
AthleticsMini Base SP337Sonny Gray
AthleticsAutograph RelicAR-RHRickey Henderson
AthleticsAutographsGQA-DSDave Stewart
AthleticsAutographsGQA-JCJose Canseco
AthleticsAutographsGQA-MMCMark McGwire
AthleticsAutographsGQA-RHRickey Henderson
AthleticsAutographs MiniMA-DSDave Stewart
AthleticsAutographs MiniMA-JCJose Canseco
AthleticsAutographs MiniMA-RHRickey Henderson
AthleticsAutographs Retail MiniRMA-JCJose Canseco
AthleticsClear Mini Base56Yoenis Cespedes
AthleticsClear Mini Base77Reggie Jackson
AthleticsClear Mini Base191Mark McGwire
AthleticsClear Mini Base200Rickey Henderson
AthleticsClear Mini Base313Josh Donaldson
AthleticsClear Mini Base337Sonny Gray
AthleticsFrames Paper Parallels56Yoenis Cespedes
AthleticsFrames Paper Parallels77Reggie Jackson
AthleticsFrames Paper Parallels191Mark McGwire
AthleticsFrames Paper Parallels200Rickey Henderson
AthleticsGlove StoriesGS-JDJosh Donaldson
AthleticsGraphite Minis56Yoenis Cespedes
AthleticsGraphite Minis77Reggie Jackson
AthleticsGraphite Minis191Mark McGwire
AthleticsGraphite Minis200Rickey Henderson
AthleticsGraphite Minis313Josh Donaldson
AthleticsGraphite Minis337Sonny Gray
AthleticsHometown FlagsGQHF-JDOJosh Donaldson
AthleticsHometown FlagsGQHF-RHRickey Henderson
AthleticsHometown FlagsGQHF-RJAReggie Jackson
AthleticsHometown FlagsGQHF-YCYoenis Cespedes
AthleticsMini Autograph Relic BookOAP-YCYoenis Cespedes
AthleticsMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-JDOJosh Donaldson
AthleticsMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-RHRickey Henderson
AthleticsMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-RJAReggie Jackson
AthleticsMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-YCYoenis Cespedes
AthleticsMini Box Variations56Yoenis Cespedes
AthleticsMini Box Variations77Reggie Jackson
AthleticsMini Box Variations200Rickey Henderson
AthleticsMini Box Variations313Josh Donaldson
AthleticsN174 Gypsy QueenN174-RHRickey Henderson
AthleticsN174 Gypsy QueenN174-RJReggie Jackson
AthleticsReverse Image56Yoenis Cespedes
AthleticsReverse Image77Reggie Jackson
AthleticsReverse Image191Mark McGwire
Blue JaysBase34Colby Rasmus
Blue JaysBase48Kevin Pillar
Blue JaysBase107Edwin Encarnacion
Blue JaysBase109Adam Lind
Blue JaysBase158R.A. Dickey
Blue JaysBase176Brett Lawrie
Blue JaysBase264Jose Reyes
Blue JaysBase SP341Jose Bautista
Blue JaysMini Base34Colby Rasmus
Blue JaysMini Base48Kevin Pillar
Blue JaysMini Base107Edwin Encarnacion
Blue JaysMini Base109Adam Lind
Blue JaysMini Base158R.A. Dickey
Blue JaysMini Base176Brett Lawrie
Blue JaysMini Base264Jose Reyes
Blue JaysMini Base SP341Jose Bautista
Blue JaysAround the Horn AutographsATH-JBJose Bautista
Blue JaysAutographsGQA-SDSteve Delabar
Blue JaysBat BarrelsGQBB-EEEdwin Encarnacion
Blue JaysBat BarrelsGQBB-FMFred McGriff
Blue JaysBat BarrelsGQBB-JBJose Bautista
Blue JaysBat BarrelsGQBB-JRJose Reyes
Blue JaysButton Autograph RelicBAR-JBJose Bautista
Blue JaysClear Mini Base341Jose Bautista
Blue JaysDual Autograph RelicDAR-BEJose Bautista
Blue JaysDual Autograph RelicDAR-BEEdwin Encarnacion
Blue JaysDual Autograph RelicDAR-BMJose Bautista
Blue JaysDual Autograph RelicDAR-JBJose Bautista
Blue JaysDual ButtonDBC-BEJose Bautista
Blue JaysDual ButtonDBC-BEEdwin Encarnacion
Blue JaysDual ButtonDBC-DBJose Bautista
Blue JaysDual ButtonDBC-DBR.A. Dickey
Blue JaysFrames Paper Parallels158R.A. Dickey
Blue JaysFrames Paper Parallels264Jose Reyes
Blue JaysGraphite Minis341Jose Bautista
Blue JaysHometown FlagsGQHF-JBAJose Bautista
Blue JaysMini Autograph Relic BookMAR-JBJose Bautista
Blue JaysMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-JBAJose Bautista
Blue JaysMini Box Variations341Jose Bautista
Blue JaysMini RelicGMR-ALAdam Lind
Blue JaysMini RelicGMR-BLBrett Lawrie
Blue JaysMini RelicGMR-EEEdwin Encarnacion
Blue JaysMini RelicGMR-JBJose Bautista
Blue JaysRelicGQR-ALAdam Lind
Blue JaysRelicGQR-BLBrett Lawrie
Blue JaysRelicGQR-EEEdwin Encarnacion
Blue JaysRelicGQR-JBJose Bautista
Blue JaysTriple Autograph RelicTAR-BMJJose Bautista
Blue JaysTriple ButtonTBC-BELJose Bautista
Blue JaysTriple ButtonTBC-BELEdwin Encarnacion
Blue JaysTriple ButtonTBC-BELBrett Lawrie
BravesBase7Freddie Freeman
BravesBase24John Smoltz
BravesBase32Christian Bethancourt
BravesBase38Julio Teheran
BravesBase45Evan Gattis
BravesBase57Brandon Beachy
BravesBase60Andrelton Simmons
BravesBase75Greg Maddux
BravesBase87Mike Minor
BravesBase98Phil Niekro
BravesBase132Kris Medlen
BravesBase140Craig Kimbrel
BravesBase144Eddie Mathews
BravesBase156Tom Glavine
BravesBase247Chris Johnson
BravesBase299Jason Heyward
BravesBase325Warren Spahn
BravesBase SP340Justin Upton
BravesMini Base7Freddie Freeman
BravesMini Base24John Smoltz
BravesMini Base32Christian Bethancourt
BravesMini Base38Julio Teheran
BravesMini Base45Evan Gattis
BravesMini Base57Brandon Beachy
BravesMini Base60Andrelton Simmons
BravesMini Base75Greg Maddux
BravesMini Base87Mike Minor
BravesMini Base98Phil Niekro
BravesMini Base132Kris Medlen
BravesMini Base140Craig Kimbrel
BravesMini Base144Eddie Mathews
BravesMini Base156Tom Glavine
BravesMini Base247Chris Johnson
BravesMini Base299Jason Heyward
BravesMini Base325Warren Spahn
BravesMini Base SP340Justin Upton
BravesAround the Horn AutographsATH-FFFreddie Freeman
BravesAround the Horn AutographsATH-JUJustin Upton
BravesAutographsGQA-AWOAlex Wood
BravesAutographsGQA-EGEvan Gattis
BravesAutographsGQA-FMFred McGriff
BravesAutographsGQA-HAHank Aaron
BravesAutographsGQA-JTJulio Teheran
BravesAutographsGQA-KMKris Medlen
BravesAutographsGQA-MMIMike Minor
BravesAutographs MiniMA-EGEvan Gattis
BravesAutographs MiniMA-FFFreddie Freeman
BravesAutographs MiniMA-JTJulio Teheran
BravesAutographs Retail MiniAR-EGEvan Gattis
BravesAutographs Retail MiniAR-FFFreddie Freeman
BravesAutographs Retail MiniAR-JTJulio Teheran
BravesAutographs Retail MiniAR-MMIMike Minor
BravesAutographs Retail MiniRMA-FFFreddie Freeman
BravesBat BarrelsGQBB-DMDale Murphy
BravesButton Autograph RelicBAR-FFFreddie Freeman
BravesClear Mini Base24John Smoltz
BravesClear Mini Base60Andrelton Simmons
BravesClear Mini Base75Greg Maddux
BravesClear Mini Base98Phil Niekro
BravesClear Mini Base144Eddie Mathews
BravesClear Mini Base156Tom Glavine
BravesClear Mini Base325Warren Spahn
BravesClear Mini Base340Justin Upton
BravesDealing AcesDA-GMGreg Maddux
BravesDealing AcesDA-JTJulio Teheran
BravesDual Autograph RelicDAR-GSTom Glavine
BravesDual Autograph RelicDAR-GSJohn Smoltz
BravesDual Autograph RelicDAR-TMMike Minor
BravesDual Autograph RelicDAR-TMJulio Teheran
BravesDual Autograph RelicDAR-UFJustin Upton
BravesDual Autograph RelicFreddie Freeman
BravesDual ButtonDBC-FSFreddie Freeman
BravesDual ButtonDBC-FSAndrelton Simmons
BravesDual ButtonDBC-TSAndrelton Simmons
BravesDual ButtonDBC-TSJulio Teheran
BravesFrames Paper Parallels24John Smoltz
BravesFrames Paper Parallels75Greg Maddux
BravesFrames Paper Parallels144Eddie Mathews
BravesFrames Paper Parallels156Tom Glavine
BravesFrames Paper Parallels299Jason Heyward
BravesGraphite Minis24John Smoltz
BravesGraphite Minis60Andrelton Simmons
BravesGraphite Minis75Greg Maddux
BravesGraphite Minis98Phil Niekro
BravesGraphite Minis144Eddie Mathews
BravesGraphite Minis156Tom Glavine
BravesGraphite Minis325Warren Spahn
BravesGraphite Minis340Justin Upton
BravesHometown FlagsGQHF-CKICraig Kimbrel
BravesHometown FlagsGQHF-FFFreddie Freeman
BravesHometown FlagsGQHF-GMGreg Maddux
BravesHometown FlagsGQHF-JUJustin Upton
BravesJumbo Patch RelicGJR-CKICraig Kimbrel
BravesJumbo Patch RelicGJR-FFFreddie Freeman
BravesJumbo Patch RelicGJR-JUJustin Upton
BravesJumbo Patch RelicGJR-PNPhil Niekro
BravesJumbo Patch RelicGJR-TGTom Glavine
BravesMini Autograph Relic BookMAR-FFFreddie Freeman
BravesMini Autograph Relic BookMAR-JSJohn Smoltz
BravesMini Autograph Relic BookMAR-JUJustin Upton
BravesMini Autograph Relic BookOAP-FFFreddie Freeman
BravesMini Autograph Relic BookOAP-JUJustin Upton
BravesMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-CKICraig Kimbrel
BravesMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-FFFreddie Freeman
BravesMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-GMGreg Maddux
BravesMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-JUJustin Upton
BravesMini Box Variations7Freddie Freeman
BravesMini Box Variations75Greg Maddux
BravesMini Box Variations140Craig Kimbrel
BravesMini Box Variations325Warren Spahn
BravesMini Box Variations340Justin Upton
BravesMini ButtonGMB-ASAndrelton Simmons
BravesMini ButtonGMB-FFFreddie Freeman
BravesMini ButtonGMB-JUJustin Upton
BravesMini RelicGMR-ASAndrelton Simmons
BravesMini RelicGMR-CKCraig Kimbrel
BravesMini RelicGMR-EGEvan Gattis
BravesMini RelicGMR-JTJulio Teheran
BravesMini RelicGMR-JUJustin Upton
BravesMini RelicGMR-MMMike Minor
BravesRelicGQR-ASAndrelton Simmons
BravesRelicGQR-CKCraig Kimbrel
BravesRelicGQR-FFFreddie Freeman
BravesRelicGQR-JTJulio Teheran
BravesRelicGQR-KMKris Medlen
BravesRelicGQR-MMMike Minor
BravesReverse Image156Tom Glavine
BravesReverse Image325Warren Spahn
BravesTriple Autograph RelicTAR-GSMTom Glavine
BravesTriple Autograph RelicTAR-GSMGreg Maddux
BravesTriple Autograph RelicTAR-GSMJohn Smoltz
BravesTriple Autograph RelicTAR-UFHFreddie Freeman
BravesTriple Autograph RelicTAR-UFHJason Heyward
BravesTriple Autograph RelicTAR-UFHJustin Upton
BravesTriple Autograph RelicTAR-VGFFreddie Freeman
BrewersBase3Robin Yount
BrewersBase72Marco Estrada
BrewersBase97Khris Davis
BrewersBase117Matt Garza
BrewersBase119Kyle Lohse
BrewersBase160Jonathan Lucroy
BrewersBase163Carlos Gomez
BrewersBase174Yovani Gallardo
BrewersBase190Jean Segura
BrewersBase296Jimmy Nelson
BrewersMini Base3Robin Yount
BrewersMini Base72Marco Estrada
BrewersMini Base97Khris Davis
BrewersMini Base117Matt Garza
BrewersMini Base119Kyle Lohse
BrewersMini Base160Jonathan Lucroy
BrewersMini Base163Carlos Gomez
BrewersMini Base174Yovani Gallardo
BrewersMini Base190Jean Segura
BrewersMini Base296Jimmy Nelson
BrewersAutographsGQA-JSJean Segura
BrewersAutographsGQA-RYRobin Yount
BrewersAutographs MiniMA-JSJean Segura
BrewersAutographs Retail MiniAR-JSJean Segura
BrewersAutographs Retail MiniRMA-JSJean Segura
BrewersClear Mini Base3Robin Yount
BrewersClear Mini Base163Carlos Gomez
BrewersDebut All StarsAS-PFPrince Fielder
BrewersFrames Paper Parallels3Robin Yount
BrewersFrames Paper Parallels97Khris Davis
BrewersFrames Paper Parallels163Carlos Gomez
BrewersFrames Paper Parallels296Jimmy Nelson
BrewersGlove StoriesGS-CGCarlos Gomez
BrewersGraphite Minis3Robin Yount
BrewersGraphite Minis163Carlos Gomez
BrewersMini RelicGMR-RBRyan Braun
BrewersRelicGQR-RBRyan Braun
BrewersTriple ButtonTBC-GBSRyan Braun
BrewersTriple ButtonTBC-GBSCarlos Gomez
BrewersTriple ButtonTBC-GBSJean Segura
CardinalsBase15Kolten Wong
CardinalsBase37Lou Brock
CardinalsBase44Trevor Rosenthal
CardinalsBase62Yadier Molina
CardinalsBase76Bruce Sutter
CardinalsBase84Joe Kelly
CardinalsBase108Lance Lynn
CardinalsBase112Matt Holliday
CardinalsBase120Jon Jay
CardinalsBase121Kevin Siegrist
CardinalsBase151Michael Wacha
CardinalsBase168Adam Wainwright
CardinalsBase173Carlos Martinez
CardinalsBase182Peter Bourjos
CardinalsBase198Pete Kozma
CardinalsBase202Ozzie Smith
CardinalsBase212Allen Craig
CardinalsBase238Stan Musial
CardinalsBase249Bob Gibson
CardinalsBase SP332Matt Carpenter
CardinalsBase SP339Shelby Miller
CardinalsMini Base15Kolten Wong
CardinalsMini Base37Lou Brock
CardinalsMini Base44Trevor Rosenthal
CardinalsMini Base62Yadier Molina
CardinalsMini Base76Bruce Sutter
CardinalsMini Base84Joe Kelly
CardinalsMini Base108Lance Lynn
CardinalsMini Base112Matt Holliday
CardinalsMini Base120Jon Jay
CardinalsMini Base121Kevin Siegrist
CardinalsMini Base151Michael Wacha
CardinalsMini Base168Adam Wainwright
CardinalsMini Base173Carlos Martinez
CardinalsMini Base182Peter Bourjos
CardinalsMini Base198Pete Kozma
CardinalsMini Base202Ozzie Smith
CardinalsMini Base212Allen Craig
CardinalsMini Base238Stan Musial
CardinalsMini Base249Bob Gibson
CardinalsMini Base SP332Matt Carpenter
CardinalsMini Base SP339Shelby Miller
CardinalsAround the Horn AutographsATH-SMShelby Miller
CardinalsAutographsGQA-CMCarlos Martinez
CardinalsAutographsGQA-LSLee Smith
CardinalsAutographsGQA-MWAMichael Wacha
CardinalsBat BarrelsGQBB-MAMatt Adams
CardinalsBat BarrelsGQBB-YMYadier Molina
CardinalsButton Autograph RelicBAR-SMShelby Miller
CardinalsClear Mini Base37Lou Brock
CardinalsClear Mini Base62Yadier Molina
CardinalsClear Mini Base120Jon Jay
CardinalsClear Mini Base151Michael Wacha
CardinalsClear Mini Base168Adam Wainwright
CardinalsClear Mini Base202Ozzie Smith
CardinalsClear Mini Base238Stan Musial
CardinalsClear Mini Base332Matt Carpenter
CardinalsClear Mini Base339Shelby Miller
CardinalsDealing AcesDA-AWAdam Wainwright
CardinalsDealing AcesDA-MWMichael Wacha
CardinalsFrames Paper Parallels62Yadier Molina
CardinalsFrames Paper Parallels151Michael Wacha
CardinalsFrames Paper Parallels168Adam Wainwright
CardinalsFrames Paper Parallels202Ozzie Smith
CardinalsFrames Paper Parallels238Stan Musial
CardinalsFrames Paper Parallels249Bob Gibson
CardinalsGraphite Minis37Lou Brock
CardinalsGraphite Minis62Yadier Molina
CardinalsGraphite Minis120Jon Jay
CardinalsGraphite Minis151Michael Wacha
CardinalsGraphite Minis168Adam Wainwright
CardinalsGraphite Minis202Ozzie Smith
CardinalsGraphite Minis238Stan Musial
CardinalsGraphite Minis332Matt Carpenter
CardinalsGraphite Minis339Shelby Miller
CardinalsHometown FlagsGQHF-ACAllen Craig
CardinalsHometown FlagsGQHF-AWAdam Wainwright
CardinalsHometown FlagsGQHF-BGBob Gibson
CardinalsHometown FlagsGQHF-MCMatt Carpenter
CardinalsHometown FlagsGQHF-OSOzzie Smith
CardinalsHometown FlagsGQHF-SMShelby Miller
CardinalsHometown FlagsGQHF-SMUStan Musial
CardinalsHometown FlagsGQHF-YMYadier Molina
CardinalsJumbo Patch RelicGJR-ACAllen Craig
CardinalsJumbo Patch RelicGJR-SMShelby Miller
CardinalsJumbo Patch RelicGJR-YMYadier Molina
CardinalsMini Autograph Relic BookOAP-AWAdam Wainwright
CardinalsMini Autograph Relic BookOAP-YMYadier Molina
CardinalsMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-ACAllen Craig
CardinalsMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-AWAdam Wainwright
CardinalsMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-BGBob Gibson
CardinalsMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-MCMatt Carpenter
CardinalsMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-OSOzzie Smith
CardinalsMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-SMShelby Miller
CardinalsMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-SMUStan Musial
CardinalsMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-YMYadier Molina
CardinalsMini Box Variations62Yadier Molina
CardinalsMini Box Variations168Adam Wainwright
CardinalsMini Box Variations202Ozzie Smith
CardinalsMini Box Variations212Allen Craig
CardinalsMini Box Variations238Stan Musial
CardinalsMini Box Variations249Bob Gibson
CardinalsMini Box Variations332Matt Carpenter
CardinalsMini Box Variations339Shelby Miller
CardinalsMini ButtonGMB-ACAllen Craig
CardinalsMini ButtonGMB-SMShelby Miller
CardinalsMini ButtonGMB-YMYadier Molina
CardinalsMini RelicGMR-DDDaniel Descalso
CardinalsMini RelicGMR-JPJhonny Peralta
CardinalsMini RelicGMR-MAMatt Adams
CardinalsMini RelicGMR-PBPeter Bourjos
CardinalsMini RelicGMR-YMYadier Molina
CardinalsRelicGQR-ACRAllen Craig
CardinalsRelicGQR-JPJhonny Peralta
CardinalsRelicGQR-MAMatt Adams
CardinalsRelicGQR-MWMichael Wacha
CardinalsReverse Image151Michael Wacha
CardinalsReverse Image249Bob Gibson
CardinalsTriple Autograph RelicTAR-FMMShelby Miller
CardinalsTriple Autograph RelicTAR-FMMYadier Molina
CardinalsTriple ButtonTBC-CMFAllen Craig
CardinalsTriple ButtonTBC-CMFDavid Freese
CardinalsTriple ButtonTBC-CMFYadier Molina
CubsBase12Kyuji Fujikawa
CubsBase22Starlin Castro
CubsBase40Fergie Jenkins
CubsBase63Anthony Rizzo
CubsBase111Ernie Banks
CubsBase184Jeff Samardzija
CubsBase214Junior Lake
CubsBase269Travis Wood
CubsMini Base12Kyuji Fujikawa
CubsMini Base22Starlin Castro
CubsMini Base40Fergie Jenkins
CubsMini Base63Anthony Rizzo
CubsMini Base111Ernie Banks
CubsMini Base184Jeff Samardzija
CubsMini Base214Junior Lake
CubsMini Base269Travis Wood
CubsAutographsGQA-ARAnthony Rizzo
CubsAutographsGQA-EBErnie Banks
CubsAutographs MiniMA-ARAnthony Rizzo
CubsAutographs MiniMA-EBErnie Banks
CubsAutographs Retail MiniAR-ARAnthony Rizzo
CubsAutographs Retail MiniRMA-ARAnthony Rizzo
CubsAutographs Retail MiniRMA-EBErnie Banks
CubsClear Mini Base40Fergie Jenkins
CubsClear Mini Base63Anthony Rizzo
CubsClear Mini Base111Ernie Banks
CubsDual Autograph RelicDAR-CRStarlin Castro
CubsDual Autograph RelicDAR-CRAnthony Rizzo
CubsFrames Paper Parallels22Starlin Castro
CubsFrames Paper Parallels40Fergie Jenkins
CubsFrames Paper Parallels111Ernie Banks
CubsGlove StoriesGS-ARAnthony Rizzo
CubsGraphite Minis40Fergie Jenkins
CubsGraphite Minis63Anthony Rizzo
CubsGraphite Minis111Ernie Banks
CubsJumbo Patch RelicGJR-ADAndre Dawson
CubsJumbo Patch RelicGJR-BWBilly Williams
CubsJumbo Patch RelicGJR-EBErnie Banks
CubsMini Autograph Relic BookOAP-ADAndre Dawson
CubsMini RelicGMR-ARAnthony Rizzo
Diamondbacks  Base26Chris Owings
DiamondbacksBase162Brad Ziegler
DiamondbacksBase192Mark Trumbo
DiamondbacksBase236Miguel Montero
DiamondbacksBase245Wade Miley
DiamondbacksBase259Martin Prado
DiamondbacksBase272Aaron Hill
DiamondbacksBase298Patrick Corbin
DiamondbacksBase SP311Paul Goldschmidt
DiamondbacksBase SP318Luis Gonzalez
DiamondbacksMini Base26Chris Owings
DiamondbacksMini Base162Brad Ziegler
DiamondbacksMini Base192Mark Trumbo
DiamondbacksMini Base236Miguel Montero
DiamondbacksMini Base245Wade Miley
DiamondbacksMini Base259Martin Prado
DiamondbacksMini Base272Aaron Hill
DiamondbacksMini Base298Patrick Corbin
DiamondbacksMini Base SP311Paul Goldschmidt
DiamondbacksMini Base SP318Luis Gonzalez
DiamondbacksAround the Horn AutographsATH-PGPaul Goldschmidt
DiamondbacksAutograph RelicAR-PGPaul Goldschmidt
DiamondbacksAutographsGQA-AEAdam Eaton
DiamondbacksAutographsGQA-DGDidi Gregorius
DiamondbacksAutographsGQA-PCPatrick Corbin
DiamondbacksAutographsGQA-PGPaul Goldschmidt
DiamondbacksAutographs MiniMA-PGPaul Goldschmidt
DiamondbacksAutographs Retail MiniRMA-LGLuis Gonzalez
DiamondbacksAutographs Retail MiniRMA-PGPaul Goldschmidt
DiamondbacksClear Mini Base298Patrick Corbin
DiamondbacksClear Mini Base311Paul Goldschmidt
DiamondbacksClear Mini Base318Luis Gonzalez
DiamondbacksDebut All StarsAS-PGPaul Goldschmidt
DiamondbacksFrames Paper Parallels298Patrick Corbin
DiamondbacksGraphite Minis298Patrick Corbin
DiamondbacksGraphite Minis311Paul Goldschmidt
DiamondbacksGraphite Minis318Luis Gonzalez
DiamondbacksHometown FlagsGQHF-PGPaul Goldschmidt
DiamondbacksJumbo Patch RelicGJR-PGPaul Goldschmidt
DiamondbacksMini Autograph Relic BookMAR-PGPaul Goldschmidt
DiamondbacksMini Autograph Relic BookOAP-PGPaul Goldschmidt
DiamondbacksMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-PGPaul Goldschmidt
DiamondbacksMini Box Variations311Paul Goldschmidt
DiamondbacksMini RelicGMR-PCPatrick Corbin
DiamondbacksMini RelicGMR-WMWade Miley
DiamondbacksReverse Image311Paul Goldschmidt
DiamondbacksTriple Autograph RelicTAR-VGFPaul Goldschmidt
DodgersBase90Juan Uribe
DodgersBase105Hanley Ramirez
DodgersBase122Adrian Gonzalez
DodgersBase196Zack Greinke
DodgersBase203Dan Haren
DodgersBase243Matt Kemp
DodgersBase244Carl Crawford
DodgersBase250Sandy Koufax
DodgersBase276Duke Snider
DodgersBase289Andre Ethier
DodgersBase300Clayton Kershaw
DodgersBase SP314Hyun-Jin Ryu
DodgersBase SP350Yasiel Puig
DodgersMini Base90Juan Uribe
DodgersMini Base105Hanley Ramirez
DodgersMini Base122Adrian Gonzalez
DodgersMini Base196Zack Greinke
DodgersMini Base203Dan Haren
DodgersMini Base243Matt Kemp
DodgersMini Base244Carl Crawford
DodgersMini Base250Sandy Koufax
DodgersMini Base276Duke Snider
DodgersMini Base289Andre Ethier
DodgersMini Base300Clayton Kershaw
DodgersMini Base SP314Hyun-Jin Ryu
DodgersMini Base SP350Yasiel Puig
DodgersAround the Horn AutographsATH-SKSandy Koufax
DodgersAutographsGQA-MMAMatt Magill
DodgersAutographsGQA-RNRicky Nolasco
DodgersBat BarrelsGQBB-HJRHyun-Jin Ryu
DodgersBat BarrelsGQBB-HRHanley Ramirez
DodgersClear Mini Base105Hanley Ramirez
DodgersClear Mini Base243Matt Kemp
DodgersClear Mini Base244Carl Crawford
DodgersClear Mini Base250Sandy Koufax
DodgersClear Mini Base276Duke Snider
DodgersClear Mini Base300Clayton Kershaw
DodgersClear Mini Base314Hyun-Jin Ryu
DodgersClear Mini Base350Yasiel Puig
DodgersDealing AcesDA-CKClayton Kershaw
DodgersDealing AcesDA-HRHyun-Jin Ryu
DodgersDebut All StarsAS-CKClayton Kershaw
DodgersFrames Paper Parallels105Hanley Ramirez
DodgersFrames Paper Parallels122Adrian Gonzalez
DodgersFrames Paper Parallels243Matt Kemp
DodgersFrames Paper Parallels250Sandy Koufax
DodgersFrames Paper Parallels276Duke Snider
DodgersFrames Paper Parallels300Clayton Kershaw
DodgersGlove StoriesGS-CCCarl Crawford
DodgersGlove StoriesGS-YPYasiel Puig
DodgersGlove StoriesGS-YP2Yasiel Puig
DodgersGraphite Minis105Hanley Ramirez
DodgersGraphite Minis243Matt Kemp
DodgersGraphite Minis244Carl Crawford
DodgersGraphite Minis250Sandy Koufax
DodgersGraphite Minis276Duke Snider
DodgersGraphite Minis300Clayton Kershaw
DodgersGraphite Minis314Hyun-Jin Ryu
DodgersGraphite Minis350Yasiel Puig
DodgersHometown FlagsGQHF-AGAdrian Gonzalez
DodgersHometown FlagsGQHF-CKClayton Kershaw
DodgersHometown FlagsGQHF-HRHanley Ramirez
DodgersHometown FlagsGQHF-HRHyun-Jin Ryu
DodgersHometown FlagsGQHF-SKSandy Koufax
DodgersHometown FlagsGQHF-YPYasiel Puig
DodgersHometown FlagsGQHF-ZGZack Greinke
DodgersJumbo Patch RelicGJR-CKClayton Kershaw
DodgersJumbo Patch RelicGJR-HJRHyun-Jin Ryu
DodgersJumbo Patch RelicGJR-YPYasiel Puig
DodgersMini Autograph Relic BookOAP-CKClayton Kershaw
DodgersMini Autograph Relic BookOAP-YPYasiel Puig
DodgersMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-AGAdrian Gonzalez
DodgersMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-CKClayton Kershaw
DodgersMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-HRHanley Ramirez
DodgersMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-HRHyun-Jin Ryu
DodgersMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-SKSandy Koufax
DodgersMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-YPYasiel Puig
DodgersMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-ZGZack Greinke
DodgersMini Box Variations105Hanley Ramirez
DodgersMini Box Variations122Adrian Gonzalez
DodgersMini Box Variations196Zack Greinke
DodgersMini Box Variations250Sandy Koufax
DodgersMini Box Variations300Clayton Kershaw
DodgersMini Box Variations314Hyun-Jin Ryu
DodgersMini Box Variations350Yasiel Puig
DodgersMini ButtonGMB-YPYasiel Puig
DodgersMini ButtonGMB-ZGZack Greinke
DodgersN174 Gypsy QueenN174-CKClayton Kershaw
DodgersN174 Gypsy QueenN174-YPYasiel Puig
DodgersRelicGQR-ZGZack Greinke
DodgersReverse Image250Sandy Koufax
DodgersReverse Image276Duke Snider
DodgersReverse Image350Yasiel Puig
DodgersTriple ButtonTBC-KPRClayton Kershaw
DodgersTriple ButtonTBC-KPRYasiel Puig
DodgersTriple ButtonTBC-KPRHanley Ramirez
GiantsBase43Juan Marichal
GiantsBase54Tim Lincecum
GiantsBase94Matt Cain
GiantsBase134Ryan Vogelsong
GiantsBase217Willie McCovey
GiantsBase220Brandon Belt
GiantsBase232Pablo Sandoval
GiantsBase252Marco Scutaro
GiantsBase268Tim Hudson
GiantsBase275Buster Posey
GiantsBase SP326Madison Bumgarner
GiantsBase SP328Willie Mays
GiantsBase SP335Hunter Pence
GiantsMini Base43Juan Marichal
GiantsMini Base54Tim Lincecum
GiantsMini Base94Matt Cain
GiantsMini Base134Ryan Vogelsong
GiantsMini Base217Willie McCovey
GiantsMini Base220Brandon Belt
GiantsMini Base232Pablo Sandoval
GiantsMini Base252Marco Scutaro
GiantsMini Base268Tim Hudson
GiantsMini Base275Buster Posey
GiantsMini Base SP326Madison Bumgarner
GiantsMini Base SP328Willie Mays
GiantsMini Base SP335Hunter Pence
GiantsAutographsGQA-KMIKevin Mitchell
GiantsAutographsGQA-MKMike Kickham
GiantsAutographsGQA-MWMatt Williams
GiantsAutographs MiniMA-KMKevin Mitchell
GiantsBat BarrelsGQBB-HPHunter Pence
GiantsButton Autograph RelicBAR-MCMatt Cain
GiantsClear Mini Base43Juan Marichal
GiantsClear Mini Base54Tim Lincecum
GiantsClear Mini Base94Matt Cain
GiantsClear Mini Base217Willie McCovey
GiantsClear Mini Base232Pablo Sandoval
GiantsClear Mini Base275Buster Posey
GiantsClear Mini Base326Madison Bumgarner
GiantsClear Mini Base328Willie Mays
GiantsClear Mini Base335Hunter Pence
GiantsDealing AcesDA-MBMadison Bumgarner
GiantsDual Autograph RelicDAR-CWMatt Cain
GiantsFrames Paper Parallels232Pablo Sandoval
GiantsFrames Paper Parallels275Buster Posey
GiantsGraphite Minis43Juan Marichal
GiantsGraphite Minis54Tim Lincecum
GiantsGraphite Minis94Matt Cain
GiantsGraphite Minis217Willie McCovey
GiantsGraphite Minis232Pablo Sandoval
GiantsGraphite Minis275Buster Posey
GiantsGraphite Minis326Madison Bumgarner
GiantsGraphite Minis328Willie Mays
GiantsGraphite Minis335Hunter Pence
GiantsHometown FlagsGQHF-BPOBuster Posey
GiantsHometown FlagsGQHF-MBMadison Bumgarner
GiantsHometown FlagsGQHF-PSPablo Sandoval
GiantsHometown FlagsGQHF-TLTim Lincecum
GiantsHometown FlagsGQHF-WMA  Willie Mays
GiantsJumbo Patch RelicGJR-BPBuster Posey
GiantsJumbo Patch RelicGJR-TLTim Lincecum
GiantsMini Autograph Relic BookOAP-BPBuster Posey
GiantsMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-BPOBuster Posey
GiantsMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-MBMadison Bumgarner
GiantsMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-PSPablo Sandoval
GiantsMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-TLTim Lincecum
GiantsMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-WMAWillie Mays
GiantsMini Box Variations54Tim Lincecum
GiantsMini Box Variations232Pablo Sandoval
GiantsMini Box Variations275Buster Posey
GiantsMini Box Variations326Madison Bumgarner
GiantsMini Box Variations328Willie Mays
GiantsMini ButtonGMB-SRSergio Romo
GiantsRelicGQR-HPHunter Pence
GiantsRelicGQR-MCMatt Cain
GiantsRelicGQR-TLTim Lincecum
GiantsReverse Image43Juan Marichal
GiantsReverse Image275Buster Posey
GiantsReverse Image328Willie Mays
IndiansBase6Nick Swisher
IndiansBase28Lou Boudreau
IndiansBase96Asdrubal Cabrera
IndiansBase124Jason Kipnis
IndiansBase199Larry Doby
IndiansBase206Carlos Santana
IndiansBase211Bob Feller
IndiansBase246Michael Brantley
IndiansBase277Ubaldo Jimenez
IndiansBase281Trevor Bauer
IndiansMini Base6Nick Swisher
IndiansMini Base28Lou Boudreau
IndiansMini Base96Asdrubal Cabrera
IndiansMini Base124Jason Kipnis
IndiansMini Base199Larry Doby
IndiansMini Base206Carlos Santana
IndiansMini Base211Bob Feller
IndiansMini Base246Michael Brantley
IndiansMini Base277Ubaldo Jimenez
IndiansMini Base281Trevor Bauer
IndiansClear Mini Base6Nick Swisher
IndiansClear Mini Base199Larry Doby
IndiansFrames Paper Parallels6Nick Swisher
IndiansFrames Paper Parallels199Larry Doby
IndiansGraphite Minis6Nick Swisher
IndiansGraphite Minis199Larry Doby
MarinersBase4Taijuan Walker
MarinersBase33Nick Franklin
MarinersBase46Mike Zunino
MarinersBase67Hisashi Iwakuma
MarinersBase123Felix Hernandez
MarinersBase133Kyle Seager
MarinersBase146Kendrys Morales
MarinersBase150Robinson Cano
MarinersBase170Randy Johnson
MarinersBase177Brad Miller
MarinersBase SP324James Paxton
MarinersMini Base4Taijuan Walker
MarinersMini Base33Nick Franklin
MarinersMini Base46Mike Zunino
MarinersMini Base67Hisashi Iwakuma
MarinersMini Base123Felix Hernandez
MarinersMini Base133Kyle Seager
MarinersMini Base146Kendrys Morales
MarinersMini Base150Robinson Cano
MarinersMini Base170Randy Johnson
MarinersMini Base177Brad Miller
MarinersMini Base SP324James Paxton
MarinersAutographsGQA-BMBrandon Maurer
MarinersAutographsGQA-KSKyle Seager
MarinersClear Mini Base4Taijuan Walker
MarinersClear Mini Base46Mike Zunino
MarinersClear Mini Base123Felix Hernandez
MarinersClear Mini Base150Robinson Cano
MarinersClear Mini Base170Randy Johnson
MarinersClear Mini Base324James Paxton
MarinersDealing AcesDA-FHFelix Hernandez
MarinersDealing AcesDA-RJRandy Johnson
MarinersDebut All StarsAS-FHFelix Hernandez
MarinersDual ButtonDBC-HVFelix Hernandez
MarinersDual ButtonDBC-HZFelix Hernandez
MarinersDual ButtonDBC-HZMike Zunino
MarinersFrames Paper Parallels4Taijuan Walker
MarinersFrames Paper Parallels123Felix Hernandez
MarinersFrames Paper Parallels150Robinson Cano
MarinersFrames Paper Parallels170Randy Johnson
MarinersGraphite Minis4Taijuan Walker
MarinersGraphite Minis46Mike Zunino
MarinersGraphite Minis123Felix Hernandez
MarinersGraphite Minis150Robinson Cano
MarinersGraphite Minis170Randy Johnson
MarinersGraphite Minis324James Paxton
MarinersHometown FlagsGQHF-FHFelix Hernandez
MarinersHometown FlagsGQHF-HIHisashi Iwakuma
MarinersHometown FlagsGQHF-RCARobinson Cano
MarinersHometown FlagsGQHF-RJRandy Johnson
MarinersHometown FlagsGQHF-TWTaijuan Walker
MarinersJumbo Patch RelicGJR-FHFelix Hernandez
MarinersMini Autograph Relic BookOAP-FHFelix Hernandez
MarinersMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-FHFelix Hernandez
MarinersMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-HIHisashi Iwakuma
MarinersMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-RCARobinson Cano
MarinersMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-RJRandy Johnson
MarinersMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-TWTaijuan Walker
MarinersMini Box Variations4Taijuan Walker
MarinersMini Box Variations67Hisashi Iwakuma
MarinersMini Box Variations123Felix Hernandez
MarinersMini Box Variations150Robinson Cano
MarinersMini Box Variations170Randy Johnson
MarinersMini ButtonGMB-FHFelix Hernandez
MarinersMini RelicGMR-KSKyle Seager
MarinersRelicGQR-FHFelix Hernandez
MarinersReverse Image170Randy Johnson
MarinersTriple ButtonTBC-WHIFelix Hernandez
MarinersTriple ButtonTBC-WHIHisashi Iwakuma
MarinersTriple ButtonTBC-WHITaijuan Walker
MarlinsBase16Jake Marisnick
MarlinsBase17Adeiny Hechavarria
MarlinsBase64Jarrod Saltalamacchia
MarlinsBase91Marcell Ozuna
MarlinsBase141Christian Yelich
MarlinsBase165Giancarlo Stanton
MarlinsBase197Henderson Alvarez
MarlinsBase SP319Jose Fernandez
MarlinsMini Base16Jake Marisnick
MarlinsMini Base17Adeiny Hechavarria
MarlinsMini Base64Jarrod Saltalamacchia
MarlinsMini Base91Marcell Ozuna
MarlinsMini Base141Christian Yelich
MarlinsMini Base165Giancarlo Stanton
MarlinsMini Base197Henderson Alvarez
MarlinsMini Base SP319Jose Fernandez
MarlinsAutographsGQA-AHAdeiny Hechavarria
MarlinsButton Autograph RelicBAR-CYChristian Yelich
MarlinsClear Mini Base141Christian Yelich
MarlinsClear Mini Base165Giancarlo Stanton
MarlinsClear Mini Base319Jose Fernandez
MarlinsDealing AcesDA-JFJose Fernandez
MarlinsDebut All StarsAS-JFJose Fernandez
MarlinsDebut All StarsAS-MCMiguel Cabrera
MarlinsFrames Paper Parallels141Christian Yelich
MarlinsFrames Paper Parallels165Giancarlo Stanton
MarlinsGraphite Minis141Christian Yelich
MarlinsGraphite Minis165Giancarlo Stanton
MarlinsGraphite Minis319Jose Fernandez
MarlinsHometown FlagsGQHF-CYChristian Yelich
MarlinsHometown FlagsGQHF-GSGiancarlo Stanton
MarlinsHometown FlagsGQHF-JFJose Fernandez
MarlinsJumbo Patch RelicGJR-GSGiancarlo Stanton
MarlinsJumbo Patch RelicGJR-JFJose Fernandez
MarlinsMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-CYChristian Yelich
MarlinsMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-GSGiancarlo Stanton
MarlinsMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-JFJose Fernandez
MarlinsMini Box Variations141Christian Yelich
MarlinsMini Box Variations165Giancarlo Stanton
MarlinsMini Box Variations319Jose Fernandez
MarlinsReverse Image319Jose Fernandez
MetsBase59Wilmer Flores
MetsBase92Travis d’Arnaud
MetsBase103Daniel Murphy
MetsBase138Curtis Granderson
MetsBase285Bartolo Colon
MetsBase SP309Matt Harvey
MetsBase SP315Zack Wheeler
MetsBase SP322David Wright
MetsMini Base59Wilmer Flores
MetsMini Base92Travis d’Arnaud
MetsMini Base103Daniel Murphy
MetsMini Base138Curtis Granderson
MetsMini Base285Bartolo Colon
MetsMini Base SP309Matt Harvey
MetsMini Base SP315Zack Wheeler
MetsMini Base SP322David Wright
MetsAutograph RelicAR-ZWZack Wheeler
MetsAutographsGQA-DWDavid Wright
MetsAutographsGQA-JHJeremy Hefner
MetsAutographsGQA-TDTravis d’Arnaud
MetsAutographsGQA-WFWilmer Flores
MetsAutographsGQA-ZWZack Wheeler
MetsAutographs MiniMA-DWDavid Wright
MetsAutographs MiniMA-WFWilmer Flores
MetsAutographs MiniMA-ZWZack Wheeler
MetsAutographs Retail MiniAR-DWDavid Wright
MetsAutographs Retail MiniRMA-DWDavid Wright
MetsClear Mini Base92Travis d’Arnaud
MetsClear Mini Base309Matt Harvey
MetsClear Mini Base315Zack Wheeler
MetsClear Mini Base322David Wright
MetsDebut All StarsAS-MHMatt Harvey
MetsDual Autograph RelicDAR-WLDavid Wright
MetsFrames Paper Parallels59Wilmer Flores
MetsFrames Paper Parallels92Travis d’Arnaud
MetsFrames Paper Parallels138Curtis Granderson
MetsGraphite Minis92Travis d’Arnaud
MetsGraphite Minis309Matt Harvey
MetsGraphite Minis315Zack Wheeler
MetsGraphite Minis322David Wright
MetsHometown FlagsGQHF-DWDavid Wright
MetsHometown FlagsGQHF-MHMatt Harvey
MetsJumbo Patch RelicGJR-MHMatt Harvey
MetsMini Autograph Relic BookOAP-MHMatt Harvey
MetsMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-DWDavid Wright
MetsMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-MHMatt Harvey
MetsMini Box Variations309Matt Harvey
MetsMini Box Variations322David Wright
MetsMini ButtonGMB-MHMatt Harvey
MetsMini RelicGMR-DGDillon Gee
MetsN174 Gypsy QueenN174-TSTom Seaver
MetsRelicGQR-ZWZack Wheeler
MetsReverse Image309Matt Harvey
MetsReverse Image322David Wright
MetsTriple Autograph RelicTAR-WHWMatt Harvey
MetsTriple Autograph RelicTAR-WHWZack Wheeler
MetsTriple Autograph RelicTAR-WHWDavid Wright
MetsTriple Autograph RelicTAR-WLZDavid Wright
MetsTriple ButtonTBC-WHWMatt Harvey
MetsTriple ButtonTBC-WHWZack Wheeler
MetsTriple ButtonTBC-WHWDavid Wright
NationalsBase52Jayson Werth
NationalsBase83Ian Desmond
NationalsBase100Bryce Harper
NationalsBase101Doug Fister
NationalsBase110Anthony Rendon
NationalsBase135Gio Gonzalez
NationalsBase213Jordan Zimmermann
NationalsBase235Ryan Zimmerman
NationalsBase SP334Stephen Strasburg
NationalsMini Base52Jayson Werth
NationalsMini Base83Ian Desmond
NationalsMini Base100Bryce Harper
NationalsMini Base101Doug Fister
NationalsMini Base110Anthony Rendon
NationalsMini Base135Gio Gonzalez
NationalsMini Base213Jordan Zimmermann
NationalsMini Base235Ryan Zimmerman
NationalsMini Base SP334Stephen Strasburg
NationalsAutographs MiniMA-BHBryce Harper
NationalsAutographs Retail MiniRMA-BHBryce Harper
NationalsButton Autograph RelicBAR-RZRyan Zimmerman
NationalsClear Mini Base100Bryce Harper
NationalsClear Mini Base235Ryan Zimmerman
NationalsClear Mini Base334Stephen Strasburg
NationalsDealing AcesDA-SSStephen Strasburg
NationalsDebut All StarsAS-BHBryce Harper
NationalsDual ButtonDBC-HSTBryce Harper
NationalsDual ButtonDBC-HSTStephen Strasburg
NationalsFrames Paper Parallels100Bryce Harper
NationalsFrames Paper Parallels110Anthony Rendon
NationalsGlove StoriesGS-BHBryce Harper
NationalsGraphite Minis100Bryce Harper
NationalsGraphite Minis235Ryan Zimmerman
NationalsGraphite Minis334Stephen Strasburg
NationalsHometown FlagsGQHF-BHABryce Harper
NationalsHometown FlagsGQHF-JZJordan Zimmermann
NationalsHometown FlagsGQHF-RZRyan Zimmerman
NationalsHometown FlagsGQHF-SSStephen Strasburg
NationalsJumbo Patch RelicGJR-BHBryce Harper
NationalsJumbo Patch RelicGJR-SSStephen Strasburg
NationalsMini Autograph Relic BookMAR-RZRyan Zimmerman
NationalsMini Autograph Relic BookOAP-BHBryce Harper
NationalsMini Autograph Relic BookOAP-SSStephen Strasburg
NationalsMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-BHABryce Harper
NationalsMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-JZJordan Zimmermann
NationalsMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-RZRyan Zimmerman
NationalsMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-SSStephen Strasburg
NationalsMini Box Variations100Bryce Harper
NationalsMini Box Variations213Jordan Zimmermann
NationalsMini Box Variations235Ryan Zimmerman
NationalsMini Box Variations334Stephen Strasburg
NationalsMini ButtonGMB-BHBryce Harper
NationalsMini ButtonGMB-SSStephen Strasburg
NationalsMini RelicGMR-GGGio Gonzalez
NationalsMini RelicGMR-JZJordan Zimmermann
NationalsMini RelicGMR-RZRyan Zimmerman
NationalsN174 Gypsy QueenN174-BHBryce Harper
NationalsRelicGQR-IDIan Desmond
NationalsReverse Image100Bryce Harper
NationalsReverse Image334Stephen Strasburg
NationalsTriple Autograph RelicTAR-WLZRyan Zimmerman
NationalsTriple ButtonTBC-ZZGGio Gonzalez
NationalsTriple ButtonTBC-ZZGRyan Zimmerman
NationalsTriple ButtonTBC-ZZGJordan Zimmermann
OriolesBase10Jim Palmer
OriolesBase27Kevin Gausman
OriolesBase71Nick Markakis
OriolesBase80Adam Jones
OriolesBase86J.J. Hardy
OriolesBase175Cal Ripken
OriolesBase193Miguel Gonzalez
OriolesBase224Wei-Yin Chen
OriolesBase227Chris Davis
OriolesBase260Jonathan Schoop
OriolesBase279Chris Tillman
OriolesBase280Manny Machado
OriolesBase295Eddie Murray
OriolesMini Base10Jim Palmer
OriolesMini Base27Kevin Gausman
OriolesMini Base71Nick Markakis
OriolesMini Base80Adam Jones
OriolesMini Base86J.J. Hardy
OriolesMini Base175Cal Ripken
OriolesMini Base193Miguel Gonzalez
OriolesMini Base224Wei-Yin Chen
OriolesMini Base227Chris Davis
OriolesMini Base260Jonathan Schoop
OriolesMini Base279Chris Tillman
OriolesMini Base280Manny Machado
OriolesMini Base295Eddie Murray
OriolesAutographsGQA-AJAdam Jones
OriolesAutographs MiniMA-AJAdam Jones
OriolesAutographs Retail MiniAR-AJAdam Jones
OriolesAutographs Retail MiniRMA-AJAdam Jones
OriolesClear Mini Base10Jim Palmer
OriolesClear Mini Base80Adam Jones
OriolesClear Mini Base175Cal Ripken
OriolesClear Mini Base227Chris Davis
OriolesClear Mini Base260Jonathan Schoop
OriolesClear Mini Base280Manny Machado
OriolesClear Mini Base295Eddie Murray
OriolesDebut All StarsAS-MMManny Machado
OriolesDual Autograph RelicDAR-JBAdam Jones
OriolesDual ButtonDBC-MJAdam Jones
OriolesFrames Paper Parallels10Jim Palmer
OriolesFrames Paper Parallels80Adam Jones
OriolesFrames Paper Parallels175Cal Ripken
OriolesFrames Paper Parallels227Chris Davis
OriolesFrames Paper Parallels260Jonathan Schoop
OriolesFrames Paper Parallels280Manny Machado
OriolesFrames Paper Parallels295Eddie Murray
OriolesGraphite Minis10Jim Palmer
OriolesGraphite Minis80Adam Jones
OriolesGraphite Minis175Cal Ripken
OriolesGraphite Minis227Chris Davis
OriolesGraphite Minis260Jonathan Schoop
OriolesGraphite Minis280Manny Machado
OriolesGraphite Minis295Eddie Murray
OriolesHometown FlagsGQHF-AJAdam Jones
OriolesHometown FlagsGQHF-CDChris Davis
OriolesHometown FlagsGQHF-CRCal Ripken
OriolesHometown FlagsGQHF-MMManny Machado
OriolesJumbo Patch RelicGJR-AJAdam Jones
OriolesJumbo Patch RelicGJR-MMManny Machado
OriolesMini Autograph Relic BookMAR-AJAdam Jones
OriolesMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-AJAdam Jones
OriolesMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-CDChris Davis
OriolesMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-CRCal Ripken
OriolesMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-MMManny Machado
OriolesMini Box Variations80Adam Jones
OriolesMini Box Variations175Cal Ripken
OriolesMini Box Variations227Chris Davis
OriolesMini Box Variations280Manny Machado
OriolesMini ButtonGMB-AJAdam Jones
OriolesMini RelicGMR-AJAdam Jones
OriolesN174 Gypsy QueenN174-CRCal Ripken
OriolesRelicGQR-AJAdam Jones
OriolesRelicGQR-CTChris Tillman
OriolesReverse Image10Jim Palmer
OriolesReverse Image175Cal Ripken
OriolesReverse Image227Chris Davis
OriolesReverse Image280Manny Machado
OriolesTriple Autograph RelicTAR-BMJAdam Jones
PadresBase53Tony Gwynn
PadresBase79Yasmani Grandal
PadresBase130Jedd Gyorko
PadresBase164Ian Kennedy
PadresBase169Chase Headley
PadresBase253Andrew Cashner
PadresMini Base53Tony Gwynn
PadresMini Base79Yasmani Grandal
PadresMini Base130Jedd Gyorko
PadresMini Base164Ian Kennedy
PadresMini Base169Chase Headley
PadresMini Base253Andrew Cashner
PadresAutographs Retail MiniAR-JGJedd Gyorko
PadresAutographs Retail MiniRMA-JGJedd Gyorko
PadresFrames Paper Parallels53Tony Gwynn
PadresJumbo Patch RelicGJR-TGWTony Gwynn
PadresMini Autograph Relic BookMAR-TGTony Gwynn
PadresMini RelicGMR-CHChase Headley
PadresReverse Image53Tony Gwynn
PhilliesBase11Domonic Brown
PhilliesBase36Robin Roberts
PhilliesBase116Mike Schmidt
PhilliesBase128Ethan Martin
PhilliesBase201Ben Revere
PhilliesBase204Carlos Ruiz
PhilliesBase218Jim Bunning
PhilliesBase255Chase Utley
PhilliesBase258Steve Carlton
PhilliesBase297Cole Hamels
PhilliesBase SP323Cliff Lee
PhilliesMini Base11Domonic Brown
PhilliesMini Base36Robin Roberts
PhilliesMini Base116Mike Schmidt
PhilliesMini Base128Ethan Martin
PhilliesMini Base201Ben Revere
PhilliesMini Base204Carlos Ruiz
PhilliesMini Base218Jim Bunning
PhilliesMini Base255Chase Utley
PhilliesMini Base258Steve Carlton
PhilliesMini Base297Cole Hamels
PhilliesMini Base SP323Cliff Lee
PhilliesAutographsGQA-BRBen Revere
PhilliesAutographsGQA-JPJonathan Pettibone
PhilliesClear Mini Base36Robin Roberts
PhilliesClear Mini Base116Mike Schmidt
PhilliesClear Mini Base323Cliff Lee
PhilliesDealing AcesDA-CLCliff Lee
PhilliesDual Autograph RelicDAR-BRDomonic Brown
PhilliesDual Autograph RelicDAR-BRCarlos Ruiz
PhilliesDual ButtonDBC-BUDomonic Brown
PhilliesDual ButtonDBC-BUChase Utley
PhilliesFrames Paper Parallels116Mike Schmidt
PhilliesFrames Paper Parallels258Steve Carlton
PhilliesGraphite Minis36Robin Roberts
PhilliesGraphite Minis116Mike Schmidt
PhilliesGraphite Minis323Cliff Lee
PhilliesHometown FlagsGQHF-CLCliff Lee
PhilliesHometown FlagsGQHF-CUChase Utley
PhilliesHometown FlagsGQHF-MSMike Schmidt
PhilliesMini Autograph Relic BookOAP-CLCliff Lee
PhilliesMini Autograph Relic BookOAP-DBDomonic Brown
PhilliesMini Autograph Relic BookOAP-MSMike Schmidt
PhilliesMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-CLCliff Lee
PhilliesMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-CUChase Utley
PhilliesMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-MSCMike Schmidt
PhilliesMini Box Variations116Mike Schmidt
PhilliesMini Box Variations255Chase Utley
PhilliesMini Box Variations323Cliff Lee
PhilliesMini ButtonGMB-DBDomonic Brown
PhilliesMini RelicGMR-CRCarlos Ruiz
PhilliesMini RelicGMR-DBDomonic Brown
PhilliesRelicGQR-DBDomonic Brown
PhilliesReverse Image258Steve Carlton
PiratesBase29Ralph Kiner
PiratesBase50Roberto Clemente
PiratesBase88Jason Grilli
PiratesBase104Andrew Lambo
PiratesBase106Francisco Liriano
PiratesBase136Willie Stargell
PiratesBase137Jeff Locke
PiratesBase142Gerrit Cole
PiratesBase147A.J. Burnett
PiratesBase149Russell Martin
PiratesBase226Neil Walker
PiratesBase230Andrew McCutchen
PiratesBase237Pedro Alvarez
PiratesBase291Starling Marte
PiratesMini Base29Ralph Kiner
PiratesMini Base50Roberto Clemente
PiratesMini Base88Jason Grilli
PiratesMini Base104Andrew Lambo
PiratesMini Base106Francisco Liriano
PiratesMini Base136Willie Stargell
PiratesMini Base137Jeff Locke
PiratesMini Base142Gerrit Cole
PiratesMini Base147A.J. Burnett
PiratesMini Base149Russell Martin
PiratesMini Base226Neil Walker
PiratesMini Base230Andrew McCutchen
PiratesMini Base237Pedro Alvarez
PiratesMini Base291Starling Marte
PiratesAutographsGQA-JLJeff Locke
PiratesAutographs MiniMA-SMStarling Marte
PiratesClear Mini Base29Ralph Kiner
PiratesClear Mini Base50Roberto Clemente
PiratesClear Mini Base106Francisco Liriano
PiratesClear Mini Base142Gerrit Cole
PiratesClear Mini Base230Andrew McCutchen
PiratesDealing AcesDA-GCGerrit Cole
PiratesDual ButtonDBC-AMPedro Alvarez
PiratesDual ButtonDBC-AMStarling Marte
PiratesDual ButtonDBC-LCGerrit Cole
PiratesDual ButtonDBC-LCFrancisco Liriano
PiratesDual ButtonDBC-MJAndrew McCutchen
PiratesDual ButtonDBC-MMStarling Marte
PiratesDual ButtonDBC-MMAndrew McCutchen
PiratesFrames Paper Parallels50Roberto Clemente
PiratesFrames Paper Parallels136Willie Stargell
PiratesFrames Paper Parallels142Gerrit Cole
PiratesFrames Paper Parallels230Andrew McCutchen
PiratesGraphite Minis29Ralph Kiner
PiratesGraphite Minis50Roberto Clemente
PiratesGraphite Minis106Francisco Liriano
PiratesGraphite Minis142Gerrit Cole
PiratesGraphite Minis230Andrew McCutchen
PiratesHometown FlagsGQHF-AMAndrew McCutchen
PiratesHometown FlagsGQHF-GCGerrit Cole
PiratesHometown FlagsGQHF-RCLRoberto Clemente
PiratesHometown FlagsGQHF-WSWillie Stargell
PiratesMini Autograph Relic BookOAP-AMAndrew McCutchen
PiratesMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-AMAndrew McCutchen
PiratesMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-GCGerrit Cole
PiratesMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-RCRoberto Clemente
PiratesMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-WSWillie Stargell
PiratesMini Box Variations50Roberto Clemente
PiratesMini Box Variations136Willie Stargell
PiratesMini Box Variations142Gerrit Cole
PiratesMini Box Variations230Andrew McCutchen
PiratesMini ButtonGMB-AMAndrew McCutchen
PiratesMini ButtonGMB-FLFrancisco Liriano
PiratesMini ButtonGMB-GCGerrit Cole
PiratesMini RelicGMR-SMStarling Marte
PiratesRelicGQR-PAPedro Alvarez
PiratesRelicGQR-SMStarling Marte
PiratesTriple ButtonTBC-AMMPedro Alvarez
PiratesTriple ButtonTBC-AMMStarling Marte
PiratesTriple ButtonTBC-AMMAndrew McCutchen
RangersBase19Nelson Cruz
RangersBase20Derek Holland
RangersBase21Elvis Andrus
RangersBase58Shin-Soo Choo
RangersBase82Juan Gonzalez
RangersBase113Michael Choice
RangersBase139Yu Darvish
RangersBase172Prince Fielder
RangersBase208Adrian Beltre
RangersBase225Nolan Ryan
RangersBase282Alex Rios
RangersBase292Neftali Feliz
RangersBase SP330Ivan Rodriguez
RangersBase SP342Jurickson Profar
RangersMini Base19Nelson Cruz
RangersMini Base20Derek Holland
RangersMini Base21Elvis Andrus
RangersMini Base58Shin-Soo Choo
RangersMini Base82Juan Gonzalez
RangersMini Base113Michael Choice
RangersMini Base139Yu Darvish
RangersMini Base172Prince Fielder
RangersMini Base208Adrian Beltre
RangersMini Base225Nolan Ryan
RangersMini Base282Alex Rios
RangersMini Base292Neftali Feliz
RangersMini Base SP330Ivan Rodriguez
RangersMini Base SP342Jurickson Profar
RangersAutographsGQA-DHDerek Holland
RangersAutographsGQA-LMLeonys Martin
RangersAutographsGQA-YDYu Darvish
RangersAutographs MiniMA-YDYu Darvish
RangersAutographs Retail MiniAR-DHDerek Holland
RangersAutographs Retail MiniRMA-YDYu Darvish
RangersBat BarrelsGQBB-JPJurickson Profar
RangersBat BarrelsGQBB-SCShin-Soo Choo
RangersClear Mini Base113Michael Choice
RangersClear Mini Base139Yu Darvish
RangersClear Mini Base172Prince Fielder
RangersClear Mini Base208Adrian Beltre
RangersClear Mini Base225Nolan Ryan
RangersClear Mini Base330Ivan Rodriguez
RangersClear Mini Base342Jurickson Profar
RangersDealing AcesDA-YDYu Darvish
RangersDebut All StarsAS-YDYu Darvish
RangersDual ButtonDBC-BKAdrian Beltre
RangersDual ButtonDBC-FCPrince Fielder
RangersFrames Paper Parallels58Shin-Soo Choo
RangersFrames Paper Parallels139Yu Darvish
RangersFrames Paper Parallels172Prince Fielder
RangersFrames Paper Parallels225Nolan Ryan
RangersGraphite Minis113Michael Choice
RangersGraphite Minis139Yu Darvish
RangersGraphite Minis172Prince Fielder
RangersGraphite Minis208Adrian Beltre
RangersGraphite Minis225Nolan Ryan
RangersGraphite Minis330Ivan Rodriguez
RangersGraphite Minis342Jurickson Profar
RangersHometown FlagsGQHF-ABAdrian Beltre
RangersHometown FlagsGQHF-IRIvan Rodriguez
RangersHometown FlagsGQHF-JPJurickson Profar
RangersHometown FlagsGQHF-NRNolan Ryan
RangersHometown FlagsGQHF-PFPrince Fielder
RangersHometown FlagsGQHF-YDYu Darvish
RangersJumbo Patch RelicGJR-ABAdrian Beltre
RangersJumbo Patch RelicGJR-PFPrince Fielder
RangersJumbo Patch RelicGJR-YDYu Darvish
RangersMini Autograph Relic BookOAP-JPJurickson Profar
RangersMini Autograph Relic BookOAP-YDYu Darvish
RangersMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-ABAdrian Beltre
RangersMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-IRIvan Rodriguez
RangersMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-JPJurickson Profar
RangersMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-NRNolan Ryan
RangersMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-PFPrince Fielder
RangersMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-YDYu Darvish
RangersMini Box Variations139Yu Darvish
RangersMini Box Variations172Prince Fielder
RangersMini Box Variations208Adrian Beltre
RangersMini Box Variations225Nolan Ryan
RangersMini Box Variations330Ivan Rodriguez
RangersMini Box Variations342Jurickson Profar
RangersMini ButtonGMB-ABAdrian Beltre
RangersMini RelicGMR-ABAdrian Beltre
RangersMini RelicGMR-DHDerek Holland
RangersMini RelicGMR-EAElvis Andrus
RangersRelicGQR-ABAdrian Beltre
RangersRelicGQR-MPMartin Perez
RangersReverse Image139Yu Darvish
RangersReverse Image225Nolan Ryan
RaysBase49Wil Myers
RaysBase68Fernando Rodney
RaysBase69Enny Romero
RaysBase70James Loney
RaysBase73Ben Zobrist
RaysBase186Chris Archer
RaysBase222Desmond Jennings
RaysBase223Jake Odorizzi
RaysBase274Alex Cobb
RaysBase SP308Evan Longoria
RaysBase SP321David Price
RaysBase SP343Matt Moore
RaysMini Base49Wil Myers
RaysMini Base68Fernando Rodney
RaysMini Base69Enny Romero
RaysMini Base70James Loney
RaysMini Base73Ben Zobrist
RaysMini Base186Chris Archer
RaysMini Base222Desmond Jennings
RaysMini Base223Jake Odorizzi
RaysMini Base274Alex Cobb
RaysMini Base SP308Evan Longoria
RaysMini Base SP321David Price
RaysMini Base SP343Matt Moore
RaysAround the Horn AutographsATH-WMWil Myers
RaysAutograph RelicAR-WMWil Myers
RaysAutographsGQA-BZBen Zobrist
RaysAutographsGQA-JOJake Odorizzi
RaysAutographsGQA-MMMatt Moore
RaysAutographsGQA-WMWil Myers
RaysAutographs MiniMA-MMMatt Moore
RaysAutographs MiniMA-WMWil Myers
RaysAutographs Retail MiniAR-BZBen Zobrist
RaysAutographs Retail MiniAR-MMMatt Moore
RaysAutographs Retail MiniRMA-MMMatt Moore
RaysBat BarrelsGQBB-ELEvan Longoria
RaysButton Autograph RelicBAR-WMWil Myers
RaysClear Mini Base49Wil Myers
RaysClear Mini Base69Enny Romero
RaysClear Mini Base308Evan Longoria
RaysClear Mini Base321David Price
RaysClear Mini Base343Matt Moore
RaysDealing AcesDA-DPDavid Price
RaysDebut All StarsAS-ELEvan Longoria
RaysDual Autograph RelicDAR-BMWil Myers
RaysDual Autograph RelicDAR-MMMatt Moore
RaysDual Autograph RelicDAR-MMWil Myers
RaysDual Autograph RelicDAR-WLEvan Longoria
RaysFrames Paper Parallels49Wil Myers
RaysGraphite Minis49Wil Myers
RaysGraphite Minis69Enny Romero
RaysGraphite Minis308Evan Longoria
RaysGraphite Minis321David Price
RaysGraphite Minis343Matt Moore
RaysHometown FlagsGQHF-DPDavid Price
RaysHometown FlagsGQHF-ELEvan Longoria
RaysHometown FlagsGQHF-MMOMatt Moore
RaysHometown FlagsGQHF-WMWil Myers
RaysJumbo Patch RelicGJR-DPDavid Price
RaysJumbo Patch RelicGJR-ELEvan Longoria
RaysJumbo Patch RelicGJR-MMOMatt Moore
RaysJumbo Patch RelicGJR-WMWil Myers
RaysMini Autograph Relic BookMAR-MMMatt Moore
RaysMini Autograph Relic BookMAR-WMWil Myers
RaysMini Autograph Relic BookOAP-DPDavid Price
RaysMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-DPDavid Price
RaysMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-ELEvan Longoria
RaysMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-MMOMatt Moore
RaysMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-WMWil Myers
RaysMini Box Variations49Wil Myers
RaysMini Box Variations308Evan Longoria
RaysMini Box Variations321David Price
RaysMini Box Variations343Matt Moore
RaysMini ButtonGMB-DPDavid Price
RaysMini ButtonGMB-WMWil Myers
RaysMini RelicGMR-ACAlex Cobb
RaysMini RelicGMR-CAChris Archer
RaysMini RelicGMR-DJDesmond Jennings
RaysMini RelicGMR-JHJeremy Hellickson
RaysMini RelicGMR-MMOMatt Moore
RaysRelicGQR-ACAlex Cobb
RaysRelicGQR-BZBen Zobrist
RaysRelicGQR-CAChris Archer
RaysRelicGQR-DJDesmond Jennings
RaysRelicGQR-DPDavid Price
RaysRelicGQR-JHJeremy Hellickson
RaysRelicGQR-WMWil Myers
RaysReverse Image49Wil Myers
RaysReverse Image321David Price
RaysTriple Autograph RelicTAR-BMJWil Myers
RaysTriple Autograph RelicTAR-MLMEvan Longoria
RaysTriple Autograph RelicTAR-MLMMatt Moore
RaysTriple Autograph RelicTAR-MLMWil Myers
RaysTriple Autograph RelicTAR-WLZEvan Longoria
RaysTriple ButtonTBC-MLPEvan Longoria
RaysTriple ButtonTBC-MLPMatt Moore
RaysTriple ButtonTBC-MLPDavid Price
Red SoxBase13Xander Bogaerts
Red SoxBase14Shane Victorino
Red SoxBase55Jake Peavy
Red SoxBase66Jonny Gomes
Red SoxBase85David Ross
Red SoxBase115Daniel Nava
Red SoxBase126Pedro Martinez
Red SoxBase143Dustin Pedroia
Red SoxBase155Koji Uehara
Red SoxBase166A.J. Pierzynski
Red SoxBase229Jon Lester
Red SoxBase286John Lackey
Red SoxBase SP303Mike Napoli
Red SoxBase SP304Ted Williams
Red SoxBase SP327Wade Boggs
Red SoxBase SP329David Ortiz
Red SoxBase SP345Will Middlebrooks
Red SoxMini Base13Xander Bogaerts
Red SoxMini Base14Shane Victorino
Red SoxMini Base55Jake Peavy
Red SoxMini Base66Jonny Gomes
Red SoxMini Base85David Ross
Red SoxMini Base115Daniel Nava
Red SoxMini Base126Pedro Martinez
Red SoxMini Base143Dustin Pedroia
Red SoxMini Base155Koji Uehara
Red SoxMini Base166A.J. Pierzynski
Red SoxMini Base229Jon Lester
Red SoxMini Base286John Lackey
Red SoxMini Base SP303Mike Napoli
Red SoxMini Base SP304Ted Williams
Red SoxMini Base SP327Wade Boggs
Red SoxMini Base SP329David Ortiz
Red SoxMini Base SP345Will Middlebrooks
Red SoxAutographsGQA-AWAllen Webster
Red SoxAutographsGQA-FLFred Lynn
Red SoxAutographsGQA-OCBOil Can Boyd
Red SoxAutographs MiniMA-DPDustin Pedroia
Red SoxAutographs MiniMA-FLFred Lynn
Red SoxAutographs MiniMA-OCBOil Can Boyd
Red SoxAutographs Retail MiniRMA-DPDustin Pedroia
Red SoxAutographs Retail MiniRMA-FLFred Lynn
Red SoxBat BarrelsGQBB-MNMike Napoli
Red SoxClear Mini Base13Xander Bogaerts
Red SoxClear Mini Base14Shane Victorino
Red SoxClear Mini Base66Jonny Gomes
Red SoxClear Mini Base126Pedro Martinez
Red SoxClear Mini Base143Dustin Pedroia
Red SoxClear Mini Base155Koji Uehara
Red SoxClear Mini Base229Jon Lester
Red SoxClear Mini Base303Mike Napoli
Red SoxClear Mini Base304Ted Williams
Red SoxClear Mini Base327Wade Boggs
Red SoxClear Mini Base329David Ortiz
Red SoxClear Mini Base345Will Middlebrooks
Red SoxDealing AcesDA-PMPedro Martinez
Red SoxDebut All StarsAS-DODavid Ortiz
Red SoxDual Autograph RelicDAR-FBCarlton Fisk
Red SoxDual Autograph RelicDAR-FNCarlton Fisk
Red SoxDual Autograph RelicDAR-FNMike Napoli
Red SoxDual ButtonDBC-BPXander Bogaerts
Red SoxDual ButtonDBC-BPDustin Pedroia
Red SoxDual ButtonDBC-BPEWade Boggs
Red SoxDual ButtonDBC-BPEDustin Pedroia
Red SoxFrames Paper Parallels13Xander Bogaerts
Red SoxFrames Paper Parallels66Jonny Gomes
Red SoxFrames Paper Parallels126Pedro Martinez
Red SoxFrames Paper Parallels143Dustin Pedroia
Red SoxFrames Paper Parallels229Jon Lester
Red SoxGraphite Minis13Xander Bogaerts
Red SoxGraphite Minis14Shane Victorino
Red SoxGraphite Minis66Jonny Gomes
Red SoxGraphite Minis126Pedro Martinez
Red SoxGraphite Minis143Dustin Pedroia
Red SoxGraphite Minis155Koji Uehara
Red SoxGraphite Minis229Jon Lester
Red SoxGraphite Minis303Mike Napoli
Red SoxGraphite Minis304Ted Williams
Red SoxGraphite Minis327Wade Boggs
Red SoxGraphite Minis329David Ortiz
Red SoxGraphite Minis345Will Middlebrooks
Red SoxHometown FlagsGQHF-DODavid Ortiz
Red SoxHometown FlagsGQHF-DPEDustin Pedroia
Red SoxHometown FlagsGQHF-MNMike Napoli
Red SoxHometown FlagsGQHF-PMPedro Martinez
Red SoxHometown FlagsGQHF-TWITed Williams
Red SoxHometown FlagsGQHF-XBXander Bogaerts
Red SoxJumbo Patch RelicGJR-DODavid Ortiz
Red SoxJumbo Patch RelicGJR-WBWade Boggs
Red SoxMini Autograph Relic BookOAP-DODavid Ortiz
Red SoxMini Autograph Relic BookOAP-DPEDustin Pedroia
Red SoxMini Autograph Relic BookOAP-WBWade Boggs
Red SoxMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-DODavid Ortiz
Red SoxMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-DPEDustin Pedroia
Red SoxMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-MNMike Napoli
Red SoxMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-PMPedro Martinez
Red SoxMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-TWITed Williams
Red SoxMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-XBXander Bogaerts
Red SoxMini Box Variations13Xander Bogaerts
Red SoxMini Box Variations126Pedro Martinez
Red SoxMini Box Variations143Dustin Pedroia
Red SoxMini Box Variations303Mike Napoli
Red SoxMini Box Variations304Ted Williams
Red SoxMini Box Variations329David Ortiz
Red SoxMini ButtonGMB-WBWade Boggs
Red SoxMini ButtonGMB-XBXander Bogaerts
Red SoxN174 Gypsy QueenN174-WBWade Boggs
Red SoxRelicGQR-AWAllen Webster
Red SoxRelicGQR-WBWade Boggs
Red SoxRelicGQR-WMIWill Middlebrooks
Red SoxReverse Image13Xander Bogaerts
Red SoxReverse Image126Pedro Martinez
Red SoxReverse Image304Ted Williams
Red SoxReverse Image329David Ortiz
Red SoxTriple Autograph RelicTAR-NPOMike Napoli
Red SoxTriple Autograph RelicTAR-NPODavid Ortiz
Red SoxTriple Autograph RelicTAR-NPODustin Pedroia
RedsBase2Frank Robinson
RedsBase30Bronson Arroyo
RedsBase31Jay Bruce
RedsBase47Mike Leake
RedsBase61Tony Cingrani
RedsBase65Todd Frazier
RedsBase145Joey Votto
RedsBase194Aroldis Chapman
RedsBase210Homer Bailey
RedsBase215Tony Pérez
RedsBase228Brandon Phillips
RedsBase231Mat Latos
RedsBase233Johnny Cueto
RedsBase239Johnny Bench
RedsBase261Joe Morgan
RedsBase290David Holmberg
RedsBase SP331Eric Davis
RedsBase SP344Billy Hamilton
RedsMini Base2Frank Robinson
RedsMini Base30Bronson Arroyo
RedsMini Base31Jay Bruce
RedsMini Base47Mike Leake
RedsMini Base61Tony Cingrani
RedsMini Base65Todd Frazier
RedsMini Base145Joey Votto
RedsMini Base194Aroldis Chapman
RedsMini Base210Homer Bailey
RedsMini Base215Tony Pérez
RedsMini Base228Brandon Phillips
RedsMini Base231Mat Latos
RedsMini Base233Johnny Cueto
RedsMini Base239Johnny Bench
RedsMini Base261Joe Morgan
RedsMini Base290David Holmberg
RedsMini Base SP331Eric Davis
RedsMini Base SP344Billy Hamilton
RedsAutographsGQA-BPBrandon Phillips
RedsAutographsGQA-EDEric Davis
RedsAutographsGQA-JBEJohnny Bench
RedsAutographs MiniMA-BPBrandon Phillips
RedsAutographs MiniMA-EDEric Davis
RedsAutographs Retail MiniAR-BPBrandon Phillips
RedsBat BarrelsGQBB-JBRJay Bruce
RedsClear Mini Base145Joey Votto
RedsClear Mini Base261Joe Morgan
RedsClear Mini Base331Eric Davis
RedsClear Mini Base344Billy Hamilton
RedsDual Autograph RelicDAR-FBJohnny Bench
RedsDual ButtonDBC-PHBilly Hamilton
RedsDual ButtonDBC-PHBrandon Phillips
RedsFrames Paper Parallels145Joey Votto
RedsFrames Paper Parallels194Aroldis Chapman
RedsFrames Paper Parallels228Brandon Phillips
RedsGraphite Minis145Joey Votto
RedsGraphite Minis261Joe Morgan
RedsGraphite Minis331Eric Davis
RedsGraphite Minis344Billy Hamilton
RedsHometown FlagsGQHF-BHBilly Hamilton
RedsHometown FlagsGQHF-BPBrandon Phillips
RedsHometown FlagsGQHF-EDEric Davis
RedsHometown FlagsGQHF-JBJohnny Bench
RedsHometown FlagsGQHF-JVJoey Votto
RedsJumbo Patch RelicGJR-JMJoe Morgan
RedsJumbo Patch RelicGJR-JVJoey Votto
RedsMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-BHBilly Hamilton
RedsMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-BPBrandon Phillips
RedsMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-EDEric Davis
RedsMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-JBJohnny Bench
RedsMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-JVJoey Votto
RedsMini Box Variations145Joey Votto
RedsMini Box Variations228Brandon Phillips
RedsMini Box Variations239Johnny Bench
RedsMini Box Variations344Billy Hamilton
RedsMini ButtonGMB-BHBilly Hamilton
RedsMini ButtonGMB-JVJoey Votto
RedsMini RelicGMR-JBRJay Bruce
RedsMini RelicGMR-JVJoey Votto
RedsMini RelicGMR-MLMike Leake
RedsRelicGQR-JBRJay Bruce
RedsRelicGQR-MLMike Leake
RedsRelicGQR-TFTodd Frazier
RedsTriple Autograph RelicTAR-VGFJoey Votto
RedsTriple ButtonTBC-PCVJohnny Cueto
RedsTriple ButtonTBC-PCVBrandon Phillips
RedsTriple ButtonTBC-PCVJoey Votto
RockiesBase9Nolan Arenado
RockiesBase74Troy Tulowitzki
RockiesBase207Carlos Gonzalez
RockiesBase209Jorge DeLaRosa
RockiesBase256Ryan Wheeler
RockiesBase262Jhoulys Chacin
RockiesBase SP317Michael Cuddyer
RockiesMini Base9Nolan Arenado
RockiesMini Base74Troy Tulowitzki
RockiesMini Base207Carlos Gonzalez
RockiesMini Base209Jorge DeLaRosa
RockiesMini Base256Ryan Wheeler
RockiesMini Base262Jhoulys Chacin
RockiesMini Base SP317Michael Cuddyer
RockiesAutograph RelicAR-TTTroy Tulowitzki
RockiesAutographsGQA-TTTroy Tulowitzki
RockiesButton Autograph RelicBAR-TTTroy Tulowitzki
RockiesClear Mini Base9Nolan Arenado
RockiesClear Mini Base74Troy Tulowitzki
RockiesClear Mini Base207Carlos Gonzalez
RockiesClear Mini Base317Michael Cuddyer
RockiesDual ButtonDBC-TGCarlos Gonzalez
RockiesDual ButtonDBC-TGTroy Tulowitzki
RockiesFrames Paper Parallels9Nolan Arenado
RockiesFrames Paper Parallels74Troy Tulowitzki
RockiesFrames Paper Parallels207Carlos Gonzalez
RockiesGraphite Minis9Nolan Arenado
RockiesGraphite Minis74Troy Tulowitzki
RockiesGraphite Minis207Carlos Gonzalez
RockiesGraphite Minis317Michael Cuddyer
RockiesHometown FlagsGQHF-CGCarlos Gonzalez
RockiesHometown FlagsGQHF-TTTroy Tulowitzki
RockiesJumbo Patch RelicGJR-CGCarlos Gonzalez
RockiesJumbo Patch RelicGJR-TTTroy Tulowitzki
RockiesMini Autograph Relic BookMAR-TTTroy Tulowitzki
RockiesMini Autograph Relic BookOAP-TTTroy Tulowitzki
RockiesMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-CGCarlos Gonzalez
RockiesMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-TTTroy Tulowitzki
RockiesMini Box Variations74Troy Tulowitzki
RockiesMini Box Variations207Carlos Gonzalez
RockiesMini ButtonGMB-TTTroy Tulowitzki
RockiesMini RelicGMR-JCJhoulys Chacin
RockiesMini RelicGMR-THTodd Helton
RockiesMini RelicGMR-TTTroy Tulowitzki
RockiesMini RelicGMR-WRWilin Rosario
RockiesRelicGQR-JCJhoulys Chacin
RockiesRelicGQR-NANolan Arenado
RoyalsBase8Alex Gordon
RoyalsBase23Billy Butler
RoyalsBase39Salvador Perez
RoyalsBase93Yordano Ventura
RoyalsBase99Eric Hosmer
RoyalsBase129Omar Infante
RoyalsBase171Mike Moustakas
RoyalsBase185George Brett
RoyalsBase283James Shields
RoyalsBase SP302Bo Jackson
RoyalsMini Base8Alex Gordon
RoyalsMini Base23Billy Butler
RoyalsMini Base39Salvador Perez
RoyalsMini Base93Yordano Ventura
RoyalsMini Base99Eric Hosmer
RoyalsMini Base129Omar Infante
RoyalsMini Base171Mike Moustakas
RoyalsMini Base185George Brett
RoyalsMini Base283James Shields
RoyalsMini Base SP302Bo Jackson
RoyalsAutographsGQA-BJBo Jackson
RoyalsAutographs MiniMA-BJBo Jackson
RoyalsAutographs Retail MiniRMA-BJBo Jackson
RoyalsClear Mini Base23Billy Butler
RoyalsClear Mini Base93Yordano Ventura
RoyalsClear Mini Base185George Brett
RoyalsClear Mini Base283James Shields
RoyalsClear Mini Base302Bo Jackson
RoyalsDual ButtonDBC-SHEric Hosmer
RoyalsDual ButtonDBC-SHJames Shields
RoyalsFrames Paper Parallels185George Brett
RoyalsFrames Paper Parallels283James Shields
RoyalsGraphite Minis23Billy Butler
RoyalsGraphite Minis93Yordano Ventura
RoyalsGraphite Minis185George Brett
RoyalsGraphite Minis283James Shields
RoyalsGraphite Minis302Bo Jackson
RoyalsHometown FlagsGQHF-BJBo Jackson
RoyalsJumbo Patch RelicGJR-EHEric Hosmer
RoyalsMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-BJBo Jackson
RoyalsMini Box Variations302Bo Jackson
RoyalsMini RelicGMR-AGAlex Gordon
RoyalsMini RelicGMR-EHEric Hosmer
RoyalsMini RelicGMR-SPSalvador Perez
RoyalsRelicGQR-AGAlex Gordon
RoyalsRelicGQR-JSHJames Shields
RoyalsRelicGQR-SPSalvador Perez
RoyalsReverse Image302Bo Jackson
TigersBase1Miguel Cabrera
TigersBase35Anibal Sanchez
TigersBase95Nick Castellanos
TigersBase125Justin Verlander
TigersBase131Jose Iglesias
TigersBase179Ian Kinsler
TigersBase180Max Scherzer
TigersBase205Joe Nathan
TigersBase240Victor Martinez
TigersBase271Ty Cobb
TigersBase284Austin Jackson
TigersBase SP333Torii Hunter
TigersMini Base1Miguel Cabrera
TigersMini Base35Anibal Sanchez
TigersMini Base95Nick Castellanos
TigersMini Base125Justin Verlander
TigersMini Base131Jose Iglesias
TigersMini Base179Ian Kinsler
TigersMini Base180Max Scherzer
TigersMini Base205Joe Nathan
TigersMini Base240Victor Martinez
TigersMini Base271Ty Cobb
TigersMini Base284Austin Jackson
TigersMini Base SP333Torii Hunter
TigersAutographsGQA-MCMiguel Cabrera
TigersAutographs MiniMA-MCMiguel Cabrera
TigersAutographs Retail MiniRMA-MCMiguel Cabrera
TigersBat BarrelsGQBB-IKIan Kinsler
TigersClear Mini Base1Miguel Cabrera
TigersClear Mini Base95Nick Castellanos
TigersClear Mini Base125Justin Verlander
TigersClear Mini Base180Max Scherzer
TigersClear Mini Base271Ty Cobb
TigersClear Mini Base333Torii Hunter
TigersDealing AcesDA-JVJustin Verlander
TigersDealing AcesDA-MSMax Scherzer
TigersDebut All StarsAS-JVJustin Verlander
TigersDual ButtonDBC-BKIan Kinsler
TigersDual ButtonDBC-FCMiguel Cabrera
TigersDual ButtonDBC-HSTorii Hunter
TigersDual ButtonDBC-HSMax Scherzer
TigersDual ButtonDBC-HVJustin Verlander
TigersFrames Paper Parallels1Miguel Cabrera
TigersFrames Paper Parallels95Nick Castellanos
TigersFrames Paper Parallels125Justin Verlander
TigersFrames Paper Parallels179Ian Kinsler
TigersFrames Paper Parallels180Max Scherzer
TigersFrames Paper Parallels271Ty Cobb
TigersGlove StoriesGS-JIJose Iglesias
TigersGraphite Minis1Miguel Cabrera
TigersGraphite Minis95Nick Castellanos
TigersGraphite Minis125Justin Verlander
TigersGraphite Minis180Max Scherzer
TigersGraphite Minis271Ty Cobb
TigersGraphite Minis333Torii Hunter
TigersHometown FlagsGQHF-ASAnibal Sanchez
TigersHometown FlagsGQHF-JVEJustin Verlander
TigersHometown FlagsGQHF-MCAMiguel Cabrera
TigersHometown FlagsGQHF-MSCMax Scherzer
TigersHometown FlagsGQHF-TCTy Cobb
TigersHometown FlagsGQHF-THTorii Hunter
TigersJumbo Patch RelicGJR-JVEJustin Verlander
TigersJumbo Patch RelicGJR-MCMiguel Cabrera
TigersJumbo Patch RelicGJR-MSMax Scherzer
TigersJumbo Patch RelicGJR-THTorii Hunter
TigersMini Autograph Relic BookMAR-MCMiguel Cabrera
TigersMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-ASAnibal Sanchez
TigersMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-JVEJustin Verlander
TigersMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-MCAMiguel Cabrera
TigersMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-MSMax Scherzer
TigersMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-TCTy Cobb
TigersMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-THTorii Hunter
TigersMini Box Variations1Miguel Cabrera
TigersMini Box Variations125Justin Verlander
TigersMini Box Variations180Max Scherzer
TigersMini Box Variations271Ty Cobb
TigersMini Box Variations333Torii Hunter
TigersMini ButtonGMB-MCMiguel Cabrera
TigersMini ButtonGMB-MSMax Scherzer
TigersMini RelicGMR-BRBruce Rondon
TigersMini RelicGMR-RPRick Porcello
TigersN174 Gypsy QueenN174-MCMiguel Cabrera
TigersN174 Gypsy QueenN174-MSMax Scherzer
TigersRelicGQR-BRBruce Rondon
TigersRelicGQR-RPRick Porcello
TigersRelicGQR-THTorii Hunter
TigersReverse Image1Miguel Cabrera
TwinsBase127Kyle Gibson
TwinsBase153Harmon Killebrew
TwinsBase157Joe Mauer
TwinsBase187Oswaldo Arcia
TwinsBase195Josmil Pinto
TwinsMini Base127Kyle Gibson
TwinsMini Base153Harmon Killebrew
TwinsMini Base157Joe Mauer
TwinsMini Base187Oswaldo Arcia
TwinsMini Base195Josmil Pinto
TwinsClear Mini Base153Harmon Killebrew
TwinsClear Mini Base157Joe Mauer
TwinsFrames Paper Parallels153Harmon Killebrew
TwinsFrames Paper Parallels157Joe Mauer
TwinsGraphite Minis153Harmon Killebrew
TwinsGraphite Minis157Joe Mauer
TwinsHometown FlagsGQHF-JMJoe Mauer
TwinsMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-JMJoe Mauer
TwinsMini Box Variations157Joe Mauer
TwinsReverse Image157Joe Mauer
White SoxBase78Marcus Semien
White SoxBase118Jose Quintana
White SoxBase181Paul Konerko
White SoxBase188Adam Eaton
White SoxBase216Andre Rienzo
White SoxBase221Matt Davidson
White SoxBase251Erik Johnson
White SoxBase254Avisail Garcia
White SoxBase273Alejandro DeAza
White SoxBase287Adam Dunn
White SoxBase SP305Chris Sale
White SoxBase SP320Jose Abreu
White SoxMini Base78Marcus Semien
White SoxMini Base118Jose Quintana
White SoxMini Base181Paul Konerko
White SoxMini Base188Adam Eaton
White SoxMini Base216Andre Rienzo
White SoxMini Base221Matt Davidson
White SoxMini Base251Erik Johnson
White SoxMini Base254Avisail Garcia
White SoxMini Base273Alejandro DeAza
White SoxMini Base287Adam Dunn
White SoxMini Base SP305Chris Sale
White SoxMini Base SP320Jose Abreu
White SoxAround the Horn AutographsATH-CSChris Sale
White SoxAutographsGQA-JQJose Quintana
White SoxClear Mini Base305Chris Sale
White SoxClear Mini Base320Jose Abreu
White SoxDealing AcesDA-CSChris Sale
White SoxFrames Paper Parallels216Andre Rienzo
White SoxGraphite Minis305Chris Sale
White SoxGraphite Minis320Jose Abreu
White SoxHometown FlagsGQHF-CSAChris Sale
White SoxJumbo Patch RelicGJR-CSAChris Sale
White SoxMini Autograph Relic BookOAP-CSChris Sale
White SoxMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-CSChris Sale
White SoxMini Box Variations305Chris Sale
White SoxMini Box Variations320Jose Abreu
White SoxMini ButtonGMB-CSAChris Sale
White SoxReverse Image305Chris Sale
White SoxReverse Image320Jose Abreu
YankeesBase5CC Sabathia
YankeesBase18Hiroki Kuroda
YankeesBase25Derek Jeter
YankeesBase51Goose Gossage
YankeesBase114Deion Sanders
YankeesBase152J.R. Murphy
YankeesBase161Phil Rizzuto
YankeesBase266Whitey Ford
YankeesBase270Don Mattingly
YankeesBase293Brian McCann
YankeesBase SP42Mariano Rivera
YankeesBase SP301Babe Ruth
YankeesBase SP306Carlos Beltran
YankeesBase SP312Joe DiMaggio
YankeesBase SP316Jacoby Ellsbury
YankeesBase SP336Ivan Nova
YankeesBase SP338Alfonso Soriano
YankeesBase SP346Masahiro Tanaka
YankeesBase SP348Lou Gehrig
YankeesMini Base5CC Sabathia
YankeesMini Base18Hiroki Kuroda
YankeesMini Base25Derek Jeter
YankeesMini Base51Goose Gossage
YankeesMini Base114Deion Sanders
YankeesMini Base152J.R. Murphy
YankeesMini Base161Phil Rizzuto
YankeesMini Base266Whitey Ford
YankeesMini Base270Don Mattingly
YankeesMini Base293Brian McCann
YankeesMini Base SP42Mariano Rivera
YankeesMini Base SP301Babe Ruth
YankeesMini Base SP306Carlos Beltran
YankeesMini Base SP312Joe DiMaggio
YankeesMini Base SP316Jacoby Ellsbury
YankeesMini Base SP336Ivan Nova
YankeesMini Base SP338Alfonso Soriano
YankeesMini Base SP346Masahiro Tanaka
YankeesMini Base SP348Lou Gehrig
YankeesAutographsGQA-DPDavid Phelps
YankeesAutographsGQA-GNGraig Nettles
YankeesAutographsGQA-JPOJorge Posada
YankeesAutographsGQA-POPaul O’Neill
YankeesAutographsGQA-TRTim Raines
YankeesAutographs MiniMA-GNGraig Nettles
YankeesAutographs Retail MiniRMA-RHRickey Henderson
YankeesBat BarrelsGQBB-CBCarlos Beltran
YankeesBat BarrelsGQBB-JEJacoby Ellsbury
YankeesBat BarrelsGQBB-JGJoe Girardi
YankeesBat BarrelsGQBB-POPaul O’Neill
YankeesClear Mini Base5CC Sabathia
YankeesClear Mini Base25Derek Jeter
YankeesClear Mini Base42Mariano Rivera
YankeesClear Mini Base51Goose Gossage
YankeesClear Mini Base161Phil Rizzuto
YankeesClear Mini Base270Don Mattingly
YankeesClear Mini Base301Babe Ruth
YankeesClear Mini Base306Carlos Beltran
YankeesClear Mini Base312Joe DiMaggio
YankeesClear Mini Base316Jacoby Ellsbury
YankeesClear Mini Base336Ivan Nova
YankeesClear Mini Base338Alfonso Soriano
YankeesClear Mini Base346Masahiro Tanaka
YankeesClear Mini Base348Lou Gehrig
YankeesDealing AcesDA-CCCC Sabathia
YankeesDebut All StarsAS-RCRobinson Cano
YankeesFrames Paper Parallels5CC Sabathia
YankeesFrames Paper Parallels25Derek Jeter
YankeesFrames Paper Parallels51Goose Gossage
YankeesFrames Paper Parallels114Deion Sanders
YankeesFrames Paper Parallels161Phil Rizzuto
YankeesFrames Paper Parallels266Whitey Ford
YankeesFrames Paper Parallels270Don Mattingly
YankeesFrames Paper Parallels293Brian McCann
YankeesGlove StoriesGS-DJDerek Jeter
YankeesGraphite Minis5CC Sabathia
YankeesGraphite Minis25Derek Jeter
YankeesGraphite Minis42Mariano Rivera
YankeesGraphite Minis51Goose Gossage
YankeesGraphite Minis161Phil Rizzuto
YankeesGraphite Minis270Don Mattingly
YankeesGraphite Minis301Babe Ruth
YankeesGraphite Minis306Carlos Beltran
YankeesGraphite Minis312Joe DiMaggio
YankeesGraphite Minis316Jacoby Ellsbury
YankeesGraphite Minis336Ivan Nova
YankeesGraphite Minis338Alfonso Soriano
YankeesGraphite Minis346Masahiro Tanaka
YankeesGraphite Minis348Lou Gehrig
YankeesHometown FlagsGQHF-BRBabe Ruth
YankeesHometown FlagsGQHF-CBCarlos Beltran
YankeesHometown FlagsGQHF-CSCC Sabathia
YankeesHometown FlagsGQHF-DJDerek Jeter
YankeesHometown FlagsGQHF-DMDon Mattingly
YankeesHometown FlagsGQHF-JEJacoby Ellsbury
YankeesHometown FlagsGQHF-LGLou Gehrig
YankeesHometown FlagsGQHF-MRMariano Rivera
YankeesHometown FlagsGQHF-WFWhitey Ford
YankeesHometown FlagsGQHF-YBYogi Berra
YankeesJumbo Patch RelicGJR-APAndy Pettitte
YankeesJumbo Patch RelicGJR-CSCC Sabathia
YankeesJumbo Patch RelicGJR-DJDerek Jeter
YankeesJumbo Patch RelicGJR-MRMariano Rivera
YankeesMini Autograph Relic BookMAR-MRMariano Rivera
YankeesMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-BRBabe Ruth
YankeesMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-CBCarlos Beltran
YankeesMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-CCCC Sabathia
YankeesMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-DJDerek Jeter
YankeesMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-DMDon Mattingly
YankeesMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-JEJacoby Ellsbury
YankeesMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-LGLou Gehrig
YankeesMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-MRMariano Rivera
YankeesMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-WFWhitey Ford
YankeesMini Birth Year PenniesGBY-YBYogi Berra
YankeesMini Box Variations5CC Sabathia
YankeesMini Box Variations25Derek Jeter
YankeesMini Box Variations266Whitey Ford
YankeesMini Box Variations270Don Mattingly
YankeesMini Box Variations301Babe Ruth
YankeesMini Box Variations306Carlos Beltran
YankeesMini Box Variations312Joe DiMaggio
YankeesMini Box Variations316Jacoby Ellsbury
YankeesMini Box Variations346Masahiro Tanaka
YankeesMini Box Variations348Lou Gehrig
YankeesMini ButtonGMB-CSCC Sabathia
YankeesMini RelicGMR-BMBrian McCann
YankeesMini RelicGMR-CSCC Sabathia
YankeesN174 Gypsy QueenN174-BRBabe Ruth
YankeesN174 Gypsy QueenN174-DJDerek Jeter
YankeesN174 Gypsy QueenN174-MRMariano Rivera
YankeesN174 Gypsy QueenN174-YBYogi Berra
YankeesRelicGQR-BMBrian McCann
YankeesReverse Image5CC Sabathia
YankeesReverse Image25Derek Jeter
YankeesReverse Image42Mariano Rivera
YankeesReverse Image266Whitey Ford
YankeesReverse Image270Don Mattingly
YankeesReverse Image301Babe Ruth
YankeesReverse Image346Masahiro Tanaka
YankeesReverse Image348Lou Gehrig

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