Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Sweet Card

I've been adding some autographs of Billy Williams to my collection and this recent addition is a sweet one.

The card is from 2004 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic.  I though it was appropriate that Sweet Swingin' Billy has a Sweet Spot card.

The autograph is on a curved piece of wood cut to resemble a bat.  That's a nice idea.

The picture on the card is a more recent picture of Billy as a coach.  It looks to be from his days as the Cubs dugout coach in the late 90s and early 2000s.  My guess is its from 2000.  There is a nearly identical picture in the 2000 media guide.  I suppose the good news is that we don't have a recycled picture from his playing days.

A quick search of my files shows that I've now got 16 different autographs of my favorite player....and a few more on en route.  For now, here are the 16


  1. I'm not sure if I'm more impressed by the 16 autographs themselves or the fact that there are 15 different pictures used!

    Nick pickups!

    1. Good eye! Me, the guy always complaining about reused pictures didn't catch the variety on these. Thanks for pointing that out.

  2. These bat cards put standard "sticker" autographs to shame. In principal... they're the same, since the player just needs to sign a bunch of pieces of wood, instead of the actual card. But they're 1000x nicer. Beautiful card and amazing Williams collection!