Friday, April 18, 2014

No, I Won't Be Adding This to a Rainbow

Since I started collecting Darwin Barney cards I've put several Barney rainbows together.  I'm also on the lookout for cards to add to any and/or all of the rainbows.

A card was recently listed on Ebay that would fit nicely into an older rainbow.

Barney was in the 2011 Chrome set and there were several parallels.  Here's what I ended up...

Base, Refractor, Xfractor (/225), Atomic Refractor (/225), Red (/25), Gold (/50), Sepia (/99), Blue (/99), Purple (/499), Orange, Autograph Refractor (/499).

I was pretty please with the results.  There were different versions of the autograph card, but I was content with one.

There was also one more base parallel and that's what recently was listed.

It's the 1/1 Canary refractor.

I was excited when I saw the listing title.  I was less excited when I read the listing.

Yikes!  I like Darwin Barney, and I like putting rainbows together, but I don't like spending $399.99 for one card.

There are four other 2011 Chrome Canary cards listed on Ebay right now and the price for the Barney is $100 more than any of the others.  I'm thinking that the card is going to be sitting there for a while unless the price drops significantly.

At this point, I'm going to pass and settle for a virtual rainbow, free of charge

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  1. I have been seeing some fairly reasonable prices on the autographed refractors but since you are collecting more than Barney....