Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Killed Two Birds With One Stone

I have the same collection rule for certified autograph cards and relics cards:  one of any Cub from a season they played with the Cubs and are shown as a Cub on the card.

So far this year I've added one player to the autograph collection...

...Mr Wrong Uniform,

Junior Lake.

I also picked up this card of Chris Rusin, assuming that some time during the season he will be called up to the Cubs.

With 2014 Museum, I had the chance to pick up both an autograph and a relic for the collection.  Even better, they were both on the same card.

With this one card, I can knock Mike Olt off of both the autograph and relic checklists.  I got an autograph, jersey, and bat on the same card.

The certified auto collection is now up to 104 different players while the relic collection grew to 62.

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