Monday, April 14, 2014

Billy's HOF Plaque...Signed

Today's card isn't actually a baseball card, its a postcard.  But its a postcard of my favorite baseball player, so I think I can consider it a baseball card.  Even better, it has been signed by my favorite baseball player.

For years the Baseball Hall of Fame has been selling these yellow postcards of the player's Cooperstown plaques.  Signed copies make a very nice collectible.  I've been looking for one of Billy for quite a while.  They are fairly plentiful of Ebay, but most are priced higher than I'm willing to pay.

This was an auction with an opening bid of $5.95.  That's more in my price range.  I watched the auction for a week, hoping that there would be little action.

There wasn't a little action, there was no action.  My sniper fired at the last minute and I got the card for the opening bid price.  Yeah bargains!

The card didn't come with a certificate of authenticity, but the seller has feedback of over 8,000 and no complaints of fake signatures.  The autograph matches the other Billy autos I've got, so I'm pretty sure I got a real autograph at a bargain price.


  1. Nice pick up!

    I don't think I ever realized/thought about him not being "William" Williams. Learn something new every day.

  2. Very cool addition to your Williams/Cubs PC.

  3. I love a bargain! Looks like a good signature to me, too. Gee, wouldn't Ronnie's have looked good on his postcard.