Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Jo-Dee! Jo-Dee!

Catcher Jody Davis was a real fan favorite in the early and mid-eighties.   The chant of Jo-Dee, Jo-Dee would echo throughout Wrigley Field when he was at the plate in a critical time. And more often than not, Jody delivered.

This is a clip from a special that Channel 9 did on the Cubs in 1984.

I picked up an autographed card of Jody a couple years ago when I was building my autograph collection.  But as you can see, its not a certified auto. The signature looks authentic, and I don't think that there are a lot of Jody Davis autograph forgers out there, but I would still have preferred a certified version.

Now I do.  From Panini's 2013 Hometown set, this certified signature set me back all of six bucks delivered.  And Jody even added a 7 to the signature.

Of course the card does lack logos, and that is a definite minus.  Last years Topps Archives had a certified auto of Jody, but they are going for double the price I paid for mine.  If I want a logo, I'm going to have to pay for it.  Or I'll have to wait for a better price.

I'm waiting.


  1. This may be blaspehmous to non-Cubs fans, but #7 will always call to mind Jody Davis for me.

  2. Nice signature. Hard not to think of Harry Caray and his Davy Crockett redo whenever I think of Jody.