Friday, July 25, 2014

2014 Ginter Cubs Extras and Relics

It seems that a couple years ago Ginter went relic crazy.  In 2010 I had five Cubs relic cards.  In 2011 it was even worse, with twelve Cubs relic cards....yes, 12!  2012 didn't bring much relief, with "only" ten relics.  Things finally calmed down last year as I had to pick up just five.

Moving on to this year, it got really easy.  Only one Cub player has a relic card, Anthony Rizzo.  There were however, two version, the framed mini and the full sized relic.  With only two to chase, I went ahead and got them both.

Topp even used different pictures on both relics and his base card; three cards, three different pictures.  How unusual for them to take the extra step.

I also picked up the three Cubs that have cards in the 100-card insert set Pastime's Pastimes.


Topps included Mr. Cub and the usual two of Castro and Rizzo.  And look, the Rizzo picture is another different one.  Four Ginter cards, four pictures....a new record for Topps!

There is one more Cubs card I picked up, though it is a bit of a head-scratcher.

Among the insert sets is one called Fields of Yore.   You would assume that the cards feature ballparks from the past now gone.  And it does.  The checklist includes Ebbets Field, Cleveland Municipal, Griffith Stadium, Metropolitan Stadium, the original but renovated Yankee Stadium, Tiger Stadium, Sportsmans Park, the Astrodome, and Shea Stadium.  They are all stadiums or yore, and all but the Astrodome are gone.

So why the heck is Wrigley Field on the checklist.  It's still being used!! It not an apartment complex (Ebbets), a football stadium (Cleveland Municipal), a hospital (Griffith), a mall (The Met), a park (Yankee Stadium), an empty lot (Tiger Stadium), a Boys and Girls Club field (Sportsman), or a parking lot (Shea).  It's a ballpark...a still in use by a major league team ballpark!!

The picture on the card is from

Opening Day, 2012.  I'm not one to consider 2012 to be "Yore," do you?


  1. What I don't get is that Wrigley made it and Fenway didn't. Maybe Topps bought in on the 100-year hype?

  2. It's a cool looking card though, minus the inappropriate title. Candlestick got the send-off this year, they should have picked that. The Trading Card DB doesn't list Rizzo on the insert relic list, but does list Andre Dawson. You might have another relic to get?

  3. There's also a Wrigley Relic version (same picture): FOYR-WS Wrigley Field.

  4. I was wondering about the Wrigley card in that subset. Is it part of the Ginter Code or something?

  5. I get your point and "yore" is probably the wrong word for anything from the 20th century. That being said, Wrigley and Fenway are a little like living dinosaurs with a foot in present but also in the past. Babe Ruth played in both parks, after all. I agree with P-Town Tom.