Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ginter 2014 Cubs!

After a downer of a post yesterday, I'm got much more exciting things to share today...Ginter!!

As usual, I placed an order with super case-breaker Brentandbecca, and as usual, he delivered the goods on time and as promised.  My order included the Cubs team set, the Cubs in the Pastime's Pastimes insert set, and one complete set of the base and SPs.  I've got complete sets of Ginter going back to their first set in 2006 and I plan to keep adding a set each year.

As far as the Cubs go, they netted 10 cards on the 350 card checklist. When you subtract the approximately 50 non-baseball people that were included, having ten cards is spot on.

Since the Cubs are still in rebuilding mode, five of the ten Cubs were retired players.


It's nice to see Billy Williams included again and it's even nicer that Topps didn's use that picture of him at the Polo Grounds that's shown up on so many of his recent cards.  This picture is from one of his last two years with the Cubs, 1973 or 1974.  It's a picture that hasn't been used too often by Topps.

This is the only example I have of it in my collection.

The other players were all safe choices, Banks, Dawson, Jenkins, and Sandberg.  Still no Ron Santo--I wonder if we will ever see a new card for him.

The picure of Fergie should look familiar since it was used...

...on his 2014 Archives set.

As far as the current players, only three of the five are still with the team.


Samardzija was traded and Olt and all his 84 strikeout in 212 plate appearances were sent to Iowa.

Junior Lake is the team's new strikeout machine...hopefully he will be joining Olt in Iowa soon.


That just leaves the two All Stars, Castro and Rizzo.

And no Darwin Barney  :(


  1. Hey, MY favorite Cub was Mick doesn't always have to be an all-star.

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  3. Banks is the best card of this lot. Best player too, obviously, but I mostly love the cub patch on his sleeve. They should use that again, it's a great design. This Allan & Ginter's stuff kills me. Must...not...collect...

  4. UGH...literally right now failed completely and bought some off eBay. Darn you.

    1. Sorry! Got more Ginter posts coming the next couple have been warned!

  5. Yeah, I wish Santo would get some love.